Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic...Vacation Preparation

Why is that when you’re preparing for a vacation, you end up going broke

Oh wait.

Hubby, if you’re ready this blog – PLEASE STOP!
That was just a joke,
We’re not going broke!
Not at all!

*peeking around corners*

Is the coast clear?

Ok, let’s resume.

Is it just me? Or at least just my family that prepares for vacation in such a way.
I remember being this way since we were little.

Going to the beach to get a tan BEFORE going to Hawaii…guess we were trying to look like the locals.

Do you know how hard it is too find cute shorts and bathing suits at the end of September?
Try spending 7 hours shopping to find summer clothes on a Sunday afternoon.
That’s right 10am-3pm, we hit Forever 21’s on every corner of the hemisphere

Well it wasn’t that bad spending that much time shopping, plus we scored some awesome deals.
Something sorta like this except it's teal, blue, and white with THE cutest rope belt. $10.99
Another dress like this except it's a bright blue blue with a black belt. Also $10.99My only non clearance dress. But worth the $$
(When you buy stuff on clearance, it's no longer online to steal pics apparently)
Plus I got some cute tops and shorts for under $9.99

While at Target yesterday I found the cutest bathing suit top for only $4.98 ea.

I tried it on last night and was so happy that it fit the boobage so perfectly. It surprised me so much that I had to look at the tag again.

Well no wonder, it's a fricken maternity bathingsuit!!! Aaaaahhh....that's totally getting returned!

Next I need to add a little crossbody bag to throw all my things in. I don’t want to be lugging around one of my back-breaking purses while trying to hike diamond head crater.
I got this cute little guy in khaki from Target for only $9.99

Since I had all this new gear, I had to make sure Hubby was looking fly too.
So I spent a couple days buying him shorts, shirts, and flip flops.
Returning shorts, shirts, and flip flops.
And buying more shorts, shirts, and flip flops.

With all that shopping, my feet were a hot mess.
So I just had to get a pedicure yesterday.

But that turned into a mani/pedi...

Which led to the eyebrows...

Which led to the stache...
(yes I know I vowed never to do it again, but I did. I will pray for no rash 'stache)

I certainly couldn't have been walking around with chipped toenails, hangnails, crooked eyebrows, and a moustache! That is so not cute!

With all that done, I think we're finally ready to start packing!!


kimberly said...

gotta get the mani/pedi/eyebrows done today too!! see you tomorrow... in HAWAII!!!

Tara said...

You still haven't left yet??? how exciting!!! Have fun!!!

sunshine said...

Well, reading your post makes me sad, thinking about all that shopping and specially in Forever 21, not fare! Oh well, I'm going to FL in a few weeks so I will try to hit the stores then (although I'm mostly going for work!)....

Of course you need to always look your best and specially on a vacation.

Have a fabulous time!!!! Aloha...

Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm wondering how it's possible to be so happy for you AND so jealous of you at the same time!! I guess I'm just very talented, lol!

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