Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home Alone

It’s The Girls’ week at their Dad’s house.
And The Boy spent the night at his sitters house.
(just so you know- he loves her more than he loves me!
He’s actually admitted to it!
He cries when I go to pick him up
So I let him stay, one of these days, he’ll be crying for me, I just know it!)

So there we were.

Me and Hubby.


Just the two of us.

What in the world would we do-

A romantic candlelit dinner together?
A walk along the beach?
Staying up and partying all night long?

No way!

We enjoyed the evening of peace and quiet in our favorite ways-

I did more party planning for The Boy’s birthday bash
I drove to the bakery to try to find a cake
Dropped off some invitations to his friends.
Visited my Dad to check if he had the essentials to make the party even radder!
(cones, caution tape, detour signs, you know, boy stuff!!)

Hubby stayed home and enjoyed the time alone.
Cooked up some BBQ tri-tip (I think that’s what it was??!!)
Whipped up all the sides for dinner
And I’m sure he threw in a couple of games of World of Warcraft *sigh*

By the time I got home, dinner was ready!

A couple glasses of wine, fine dining on paper plates, and adult conversation.
Followed by an evening of watching Man vs. Wild.
That show is kinda crazy and you have to question the validity of it all!

So maybe it wasn’t candlelit or on the beach,
but it was a perfect evening home alone.


Johnny Jr. said...

HAHA - I did not play World of Warcraft - who plays that stupid game. Ok maybe sometimes. It was Beef Chuck.

Aleta said...

Lol. Sounds like a great day to me! Nice that he had supper waiting for you and paper plates are always good! Lol.

Visiting from Jill's and admiring her new makeover for you. Oh and the "Days of Our Lives" spin to your header is adorable!

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