Thursday, July 15, 2010

Confessions of a shopaholic...Like Totally

As I’m surfing the web
I come across an article about
Inexplicable fads from our childhood

Who doesn’t love a little nostalgia?
A trip down memory lane
A look back at the things that used to bring you such joy as a child

Or maybe I’m just that way cause my Dad is Mr. Nostalgia himself.
(that’s a whole ‘nother story!)

I click on the article
Probably because I was hoping the jelly shoes were on their way back in style

I see the scrunchies in every color (how about genie clips?!)
or banana clips

The slap bracelets, I could never get those to work!

The hyper-color shirts,
When you touched them or got hot in certain areas, they would change colors.
Remember, Body Glove?
Those damn 5th grade boys would smack the girls as we stood in line.
Or they would come around and say they were “FBI”
Female Body Inspectors
You clever little 5th grade boys.

Awww…I think back and can remember where and when I wore each one of these things
But nothing takes me back like the
Charm necklace does
Or bracelet in my case.


I haven’t seen one of these things in ages!

I remember these little plastic wonders.
Did you have a love for skating? They had a charm for it.
Were pink flamingos your favorite? Well, there was a charm for that
Want to display your love for harmonicas? Guess what, there was a charm!

I remember playing hopscotch in elementary school and using my charms
Or broken pieces of the bracelet as place markers…

This, of course, instantly put me in shopaholic mode!

And where would one go shopping for such things?

Like totally - Ebay, duh?!

There's so many to choose from?!This auction is starting at $9.95. They've got tennis rackets, googly eye bears, and diary.
Or this auction has 68, count em up, charms at a whopping $124.72. Seriously these things cost quarters back in the day!
I want one so bad!

Do you love plastic Thermos'? Do you want some charms? Check out this auction!

Am I really gonna spend my hard earned adult dollars on one of these kiddy things?!

I think so.

Maybe next time you run into me I'll be rockin my charms!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Flowers = tears

Today is The Boy’s last day of preschool.
Amazing how time flies
And these little babies turn into real life human beings!

To mark the special occasion
I racked my brain as usual to try to come up with a perfect little gift.
I usually spend days fretting over it,
Wanting to get every teacher there something,
But staying within budget.
Then I wonder if my gifts are totally lame.
You read articles from teachers who are so tired of the same lame ol’ gifts!
Maybe they don’t word it that way, but I’m pretty sure that’s what they mean.

Oh geez, another teacher pin or pen…
Thanks kid!

Since there’s 5 classes and the kids graduate up into each one,
That was a lot of gift giving!

I can’t forget about the teacher in the 1st class that had to deal with his crying when he first started or clean and change him after a few accidents.

His 2nd teacher that was there to be stern with him when he tried to see just how much he could get away with in her class.

Or his last teacher that has taught him how to write every single one of his letters in the alphabet, all of his numbers, began math lessons, and of course prepared him for the next 12 years of the dreaded homework at the ripe age of 4!

I had grand ideas of buying each teacher a great gift
Or dinner
Or giftcard to their favorite store.
I also thought about making them pictures of The Boy,
but maybe only a mother loves their kid that much!

Last night I decided to keep it plain and simple.
I stopped at the store and bought bunches of sunflowers
Big, beautiful, full stem sunflowers

I broke out the craft box
And me and The Boy got down with the stamps,
Glue sticks, scissors, and ribbon.
I know his Daddy was so proud when he walked in
And saw his boy sitting there in an array of crafts!

He worked hard on his little cards.
Once he even spelled his name completely backwards
started at the last letter and made it to the first
but put it in the right order.
Pretty talented that little guy!
I should sign him up for America's Got Talent or something

We got to school this morning and he handed them to his teachers
one by one.
And guess what, each one of them had tears stream down their face
as I thanked them.
I think they liked them!

or maybe it's my Boy that they love *wink*
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