Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love is…saying you're sorry

When you realize you’re wrong

Even if you had a long frustrating day at work
Even if you checked the kids grades
(because now you can watch over your kids like a hawk)
you weren’t too happy with what popped up on the screen.
Then your drive home felt like an eternity

And you asked someone to do something but they questioned you.

Even when you got home you were steamin' mad and frustrated
And took phones away
And yelled
And punished
And yelled

Then while cooking dinner you realized that you were being too harsh
And the punishment didn’t fit the crime
And sometimes it’s ok for them to question you if there’s good reason.
Because you wish you would speak up and question and confront things when you feel they’re wrong, not just agree and comply because it’s authority.

So you breathe.

Then you say…I’m sorry.
even if you have to say it to your kids.



sunshine said...

Hey Janelle, I think saying I'm sorry is such an important part of any relationship, because no matter what we do, most of the time we do stuff thinking mainly about ourselves and not realizing we can hurt people in so many ways.

I think that when you say I'm sorry to your kids is even more important, because, the relationships among parents and kids (specially from a young age), will reflect on the rest of our lives, for good or bad.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Preach it!! You are so right!

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