Friday, September 4, 2009

More Conversations with Benjamin Button

ahem, I mean The Boy...

As we’re driving home last night I point out to the city lights while we’re on the freeway interchange.

Look Boy, you can see all the city lights!
Isn’t that cool?

I saw that last time when we went to Open Michael night Mom.

Huh? You went to Open Mic night Son?

Yeah. He replies so nonchalant

Um, when?

The other night, with Sandra, Santi and his dad.
There were people singing there.
A guy playing his horn.
It was just us two kids- Me and Santi.
he says as he shrugs his shoulders.


We’re sitting at the dinner table
And the boy’s coming up on my arm with his nose and sniffing me.
In our book, those are called Filipino kisses!

That’s the way our grandma’s have always kissed us and any babies for that matter.
They bring the babies face right up to their nose and sniff, sniff, sniff.
Naturally, that’s what I do to my babies!

So I ask, Are you giving me Filipino kisses?

Well wouldn’t you know it, that just brought back his backward memories (keep in mind he’s only 3) read here for more of his backward stories

Mom, remember when we went to the Phillipines?

No son, when was that?

When I was a teenager.

Yeah, we were there with Grandma. And there was another Grandpa and a lady.
That lady was talking crazy.
(I’m guessing he means they were speaking in tagalog, but that’s what his 3 year old mind can equate that too!)

Oh really? I ask.

Yeah, and then the grandpa kissed the lady. He says with his shoulders shrugged and a funny little eyeroll.

That was so crazy!
he adds.

Yeah, sure sounds like it, I reply.

Do you remember when we were in the plane?
I was sitting behind you and Daddy.
As he shows me with his little fingers diagram, two chairs in front. And there he was sitting in the back.

I don’t remember that son.

Well Daddy remembers!


Johnny Jr. said...

You dont remember. I think your crazy if you dont remember.

Diana said...

Cute blog!!

kimberly said...

love the new layout!!

ethan's grandpa story is pretty strange considering... well, you know.

Grand Pooba said...

Are you sure he's only three? LOL

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