Friday, May 29, 2009

Your calling is calling

As I sit at the desk of my day job, day in and day out
I wonder to myself...what is your calling??
I remember when I was a little girl and my mom would come home
after a full days work,
dressed all snazzy in her skirt suit, nylons, and highheels,
drop her keys on the credenza,
cook dinner for the family,
make sure our chores were done
(and pull down our pants and spank us if they weren't!!)
I remember thinking that was what I was supposed to do
that's what I was supposed to grow up to be
So I had my children and I followed in the footsteps
Worked hard to make myself a name in the industry
learned all that I could learn
and excelled as much as I could
So now I'm here working this job that others in the industry have dreamed of
but is this it?
Is this what I'm gonna do for the next 30 years?
If it is, that's ok
I mean my mom's worked here for 20...
(yes, I work with my mom...oh the joys!!)
the pay is outstanding
benefits are the best I've ever had
but do I have a calling?
Am I supposed to be doing something I really truly love and enjoy?
Then off I go on the internet loving sites like etsy that showcase the amazing talents of all
And I become inspired...
inspired to try my hand at some of the talents
So for a while I sold these on ebay...
well obviously not this one because it's from my wedding
but custom made hand painted aisle runners

and unique card boxes for weddings that weren't all padded and full of lace and satin

more of a modern and sometimes funky, set to the theme of your wedding boxes

(this was made by my sister & I for the lovely Amanda's wedding) But working with brides can be scary

especially a bride you've never met before

who's buying your goods on ebay...

dum da dum dum is the feeling you feel when you get an email from them

although all received were nice and pleasent

(except the girl who said I should tell her which way to unroll the roll because her wedding party unrolled it on the wrong side...ummm...yeah, I guess the letters being backwards wasn't the clue?!)
so those were seized out of the dreaded fear that one day that might just change!

Then I try to encourage my lil 'ster to sell her amazing cakes and cupcakes
like my amazing 80's Bday Ms. pacman cake
with the most awesomest cupcakes ever!or these sweet little flowers that she gave us for mom's day
yes, my friends, they were just as yummy as they were cute

and then I search and search more
usually because I want to shop but can't
and shopping online is sort of like window shopping for me...
makes me feel good and warm in side to fill up my cart but not actually buy anything

I find all these fabulous things and think...we can do this....
So we conspire to make clothes,
bags, burpcloths, blankies
everything we see at the swap meet and dream that we can make
so this was our first attempt at sewing...
This is a "recycled" shirt crossbody bag/purse
much cuter in person of course!
But then it's not really selling material, and did I really love, love, love making it?
So here I am sitting at my desk (yes still)
is my calling calling???

Thursday, May 28, 2009

California love

Nothing better than a day of loungin on the beach...

And s'mores by bonfire at night

Friday, May 22, 2009

Goodbye Margaritas...Hello Beach Body!!

For the past 4 weeks we have been enjoying

Happy Hour and Karaoke on Friday nights...

and I have to tell you

it totally gets funner and funner with each passing Friday!

We always end up with a different group of friends and family

and Johnny and I drink to different levels of "happiness"

of course one of us has to drive home!!

however I have to say good bye to my new found Friday night friend...

it is for a good reason though

we have vacations planned and #1 - I have to look fabulous

while lounging at the pools in Laughlin...

Doesn't this place look fabulous??!!

I mean c'mon, when I booked she had to tell me that this was a $3 mil pool renovation, and they have a bar and food at the pool!!

We have our giant clan of familes booked and we CANNOT wait!

They even have a beach on the lake (I think that's what she said?)
So we get to take all of our kiddies there and just chilll at the beach and pool all day long!
Too bad hubby does NOT do well in the heat...
we're not quite sure what we're gonna do with him?
Maybe he'll sit inside and gamble...

But don't gamble all the money honey

#2 we need to SAVE some money

cause the beaches of Oahu are calling our name come fall...


Hey, we're just doing our part to stimulate the economy

We were able to book an amazing cheap deal
and will be going with out kids (hence saving more $$)
I've totally got vacation on the brain...
Can't wait!

So goodbye Pineapple Coconut Margaritas
chips and salsa
happy hour taco platter
and even you buttery nipples...
You make my belly fat
my wallet skinny!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh the Adventures!

Vamos a la Plaza Olvera We took an adventure on the train down to Olvera Street
and we had a ton of fun,
it was a mini vacation on a Sunday afternoon!
Of course dragging the girls was like pulling teeth...
but I know they secretly enjoyed it!

We first started off with the idea of taking the train somewhere romantic
since this was our anniversary "date"
but really what good would it be without everyone there??!!
So Kim and Kaia joined us on the train
(Kaia made a friend at the train stop...she was a princess!)

and the Salvas met us at the train station...

I know you think that's Pacquiao

but it's just Aaron Boy

We got to shop all the little booths and of course the boy wanted to take everything!

So we rode a train, got lost trying to figure out which way to come out of the station...

ate some ok Mexican food, in the heart of LA, but paid astronimical prices...

took a photo on a "donkey" and Aaron boy had his gun pointed at Ryna's head...

Johnny almost passed out cause he does not do well in the heat...

Watched Aztec performers, little kids performing cause their parents made them,

B boy performers and Kim and I got pulled up to perform with them,

almost missed the train home (the ONLY train home)

Got touseled around in the train while trying to take the boy to the pot!

I had a great time, and wouldn't change anything for the world!

Happy Anniversary Honey, I love you!

Friday, May 1, 2009

She did it, She did it!!

I find it fascinating the amount of things that can happen in any given evening when you have a party of five! The laughing, yelling, screaming, eating, pouting, not listening, cleaning, laughing again, screaming some more...oh you get it...

A typical night

My over achiever has held an amazing GPA her first year in Jr. High.
Johnny treated her to the camera she's been absolutely "dying" to have for over a year now!She ecstatically screamed, jumped up and down, and hugged him,
now you know- that was some serious excitement!
Great job girl, we're so proud of keep it up!

The Teenaager attempted to make dinner while I was on my way home from work. I told her follow the directions on the pasta, but I should have been very specific. Needless to say, Mom had to make a few adjustments when I got home from work...but good try (she doesn't like taking pictures anymore-what a surprise)

(oh yeah, this was the pouting, laughing, rolling eyes part)

While I was waiting for the pasta to be done, I popped the new Jillian workout tape in the DVD!
(insert panting heavily here)
O M G!!!!!!!
How in the world does anyone do kickboxing??!!
(insert more heavy panting)
Where is the DVD remote??
(catching breathe as the girls laugh at me and tell me just how hilarious I look-
yes, I'm sure the preteen has pictures of me)
Oh there it is, Fast forward, fast forward, aaahhh...the stretches-Play
Every inch of me is sore today! Thanks Jillian
(that of course was the laughing just on the verge of crying part)

Din din time-Emotions...

we had the pasta of course. Since the girls were small we've always eaten around the dinner table together for (well every meal when we're home) as they've gotten older, they really enjoy this part. Whether we're fighting, laughing, talking or not, it's what we do. Sometimes they probably wish it wasn't this way, but I think most of the time, they enjoy it.

fighting, whining, yelling...

Pack the kids in the car, we're going shopping!

I got the front, no I're stupid, uuhhh!!


Oh no, Ethan did you pee???

just a little bit, sorry mom!

Get in the house right now and go to the bathroom and change!

Awwww Man!

(now you know I could go on, but I'll spare you the details)


Jaeya girl came over with Daddy later that evening since Johnny finished the biker boyz DVD.

She was determined to learn how to ride that two wheeler!

After a few tries, here she is-You did it!!

The boy waited in the wings as cousin rode with his helmet close by
Here he is showing off his new shin guards for soccer practice
hmmm...take a guess, what do you think his favorite color is?
And to celebrate her achievements, she decided to now try driving her daddy's truck to get ice cream for her and the boy! They sure look excited don't they!

wheehhh...I'm tired!

A little funny amongst this crazziness....

Follow along through the fun and agony as we try to figure out how to raise two completely opposite teenagers- Teen 1, the fiesty yet inquisitive one, Teen 2 quiet but wise-cracking and our ball full of energy known as The Boy. It aint always pretty, but we’ll sure try to make the best of it!
These are the stories of our lives…