Monday, September 14, 2009

What was I thinking?

That’s what I was saying to myself as we ran around picking up things for The Boy’s Skateboard Birthday party.

Give me a theme, and I’m just outta control!
That’s also part of my shopaholic problem.
But I just LOVE to throw a party!

I was getting calls from parents saying, Well my son’s never been on a skateboard, with the sound of concern (maybe for my sanity).
Don’t you worry, I say.

But Friday night, I was sorta freakin’ out wondering if I had just bit off more than we could chew!

My mom bought tons of ice packs just in case! Yikes!!

My original plan was to have ramps and an obstacle course set up by yours truly.
But my clever hubby thought it might be a better idea if we had a real professional do it!

Gosh, he’s so smart sometimes!

This guy had waivers for parents to sign, which relieved hubby of any lawsuit concerns and probably also our landlords who live next door to us and watched it all unfold!!
(Don’t worry the boy is like grandson they’ve longed for so it’s all good!)

We put up road signs and caution tape- Hey we warned them!
Everyone showed up with their bike, skooter, skateboard, and roller skates in tow.
And the craziness, I mean FUN began!!
It was amazing what these little kids could actually do!

The boy was going up ramps and rollin down, I had to walk away a few times!
The Skatedogs were awesome. They had the patience to deal with a bunch of 4-5 year olds without a problem. Most kids that had never been on a board were going up the ramps and learned how to some pretty sweet tricks by the end of the day.

I think the older girls were explaining to the little girls why boys are so silly with their boards,
I mean really roller skating is so much cuter!
The boy even took a break from his tricks to show the kids how to "jerk"
The older kids rode their bikes around.
The dad’s played Frisbee tag (which meant everyone was a target!)

All in all I think everyone had a good time!
The kids were pooped by the time they left.
We didn’t even have to break out one ice pack (for any kids anyway!!)

Of course, I sent them all home with a box full of sugar, glow sticks, and goodies just in case they need to re-charge!

Happy Birthday my boy, you’re 4!
Now go sleep in your own bed!!!


kimberly said...

great party... wouldn't expect anything less!!!

sunshine said...

sounds like the kids had a great time and you are such a great mom by organizing such an awesome event!

hey, wanna organize my bday party next year??? just kidding... LOL!

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