Thursday, July 30, 2009

Note to self...

Next time the nail lady is insulting your facial hair...

DO NOT give in!!

Rash 'stache is not HOT!
And it's certainly not any cuter than rockin' the natural look.

As I'm sitting there trying to relax and get my massage on
(because now you can't just get a regular chair pedicure)
he keeps looking at me and asking, do you do yo' own eyebrow?

Yes, I say, very proudly.

Oooohh, let me fix it!
I fix it real nice
very fast
magic touch
it don't hurt

Well the endorphines must've kicked in after getting that back massage (from the chair)
and getting suckered into the extra $5 for extra scrub and massage on foot and leg
So I was scurried into the "waxing room"

I fix for you!
Look now, as she hands me the mirror after doing one brow
look before and after
I do better job, right?!
Well the lighting is bad, my eyebrows hurt,
ummm...yeah, you do better job! (i had to admit)

Then she proceeds to touch my upper lip hairy!
I clean up for you.
Ugghhh...yeah, I know I've been seeing that in the mirror lately, ok you fix
O U C H!!!!!!!!

Now here it is 4 days later
and I have rash 'stache

NEVER again


~Sandy~ said...

Ouch!!! This post made my brain Good luch with the rash:)Hugs, sandy

Grand Pooba said...

This is where you insert the picture of said rash 'stache!

I've never had mine waxed, however I did try that stupid "rub-off" facial hair remover thing and yes, it removed the hair...along with my skin!

I was sporting the scab 'stache!

Hope your rash 'stache leaves you alone very soon!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Oh my!! Owies!!!!!

You're fine and don't need any painful, expensive "fixing" hun! And Kelly is such a SICKO!!!!! (I can say that because she's my lil sis!)

Tara said...

LOL!!! oh my gosh...been there and done that!

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