Thursday, September 17, 2009

You promise?

I think my little Benjamin Button is seeing into the future, or is it the past?!
Either way, it's a promise I wish I could keep...

The Boy: Mom I want to stay a little kid forever ever ever.

Me: Me too Son.

The Boy: I don’t want to grown up and be a daddy.

Me: Me either Son.

The Boy: You promise Mom.

Me: I promise.

The Boy: Are you just kidding? Or are you on purpose?

Me: I’m on purpose Son.


Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

Oh that is precious!
And "Or are you on purpose" made me melt!

MOMSWEB said...

LOL! Too cute! By the way, I loooove your makeover. It's awesome!

Grand Pooba said...

Oh how so fricken cute is that!!!??!! Are you kidding or on purpose? I love your little benjamin button!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Awesome!!! And I "on purpose" love ya!!

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