Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mr. Big Stuff...Who do you think you are

The kids are back in school!

Preteen’s now an 8th grader…
Big kid on the block…
Well sorta…

Here’s some of our text conversation:

Me: How was your first day as the big kid on the block?
Preteen: Aha, It was good (:
Me: Did you throw any 7th graders in the trash can?
Preteen: They’re all bigger than me Mom!!
Me: Did they throw you in the trash can?
Preteen: Ahahaha…NO!

They’ll be glad they’re teeny tiny things when they get older, I think?!


The teenager was at her dad’s house and needed a paper to be completed.
Of course she didn’t realize until 9pm the night before that his computer didn’t work!

So over the phone she dictated her paper.
I questioned things, she changed things.
I insisted, she corrected.
I couldn’t comprehend, she texted.
I argued a point, she listened.
She argued her point, I listened.
She dictated, I typed.
We brainstormed.

Most importantly, we didn’t fight! We actually laughed.
Probably the first time since she was in kindergarten!
We DO NOT do homework together.
This was a big thing!
We were proud of each other, we laughed.


As we were getting ready for bed, the boy asked if he’d get moved up to the 4 yr old class.

Guess what?!

He was! The teachers told him as soon as he stepped foot into school this morning!

He’s so excited.

Mr. Big Stuff!



kimberly said...

i can just hear you singing now...

"Mr. Big Stuff..."

MOMSWEB said...

Gee thanks, now I have that song in my head (lol). I enjoyed this post. You sure have your hands full!

MOMSWEB said...

Oh yea! Looove the new look.

Tara said...

loving the new blog look!!! awesome!!!

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