Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Uncle Sam I Am Wants You!

As I’m driving The Boy to school this morning,
He begins to explain to me how the morning will proceed.
Mom, when you drop me off at school, you go in daycare and vote
You vote for the California Gobener Mom, he continues.
I know his school is a polling place,
but I do my best to explain to him that I vote at a different school.
We’re rushing through our routine and he takes my explanation for what it is.

At the end of the day, I pick him up from school and tell him we’re going to vote.
He’s pouting a little because I just shot down his request of going to the skate park.
After about 30 seconds of silence, he begins to ask me
Mom, why do people need safety vests?
To keep you safe son, I answer.
To keep you away from the fish and the creatures, he continues.
A life vest. Yes, I explain, it keeps you from drowning in the water.
Are we going to be in the sea or the ocean, he asks.
Son, what do you mean? I’m very confused at this point.
Then the puzzle comes together…
Life vest,
Creatures and fish,
Sea or ocean.
Son, I try to hold back my laughter, we’re going to VVOTTTTTE
I try to emphasize the difference in letters.
We’re not gonna float.
We’re not going on a boat.
We’re going to VOTE!

Float? He asks
Boat? He says.

I do my best with a Kindergarten analogy.
Let’s say your teacher is going to choose a line leader.
She says who wants to be a line leader?
And you and Jacob choose to be one.
The teacher will then ask all the other kids, who wants The Boy to be a line leader.
5 kids in class raise their hand for you.
Then she asks again, who wants Jacob to be the line leader.
3 kids in the class raise their hand for Jacob.
(He’s my son, I had to make him the winner obviously)
So you would win Son.
That’s what voting means.
We’re choosing who we want to win.

Silence, I’m so proud of myself for such a great explanation.
I’m thinking, he gets it, as I continue to snicker to myself.

We make a right turn into our tract
And then I hear.

Are we going in a sea or an ocean?


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Family Photos

I’m so excited,
I finally booked a family portrait session
With the great Jack Rodriguez.

He’s taken pictures of my sisters family for the past couple years
And he is amazing.
(it helps that they’re all so darned cute!)

So I finally quit procrastinating and booked a date.

Of course, as soon as I did that I started to worry that my pictures wouldn’t come out so great. I started googling ways to pose.
It’s amazing the tricks that are out there.
Don’t look straight at the camera.
Turn to the side a bit, shoulder facing the camera.
Watch for double chin.
Don’t leave your arms against your body, it flattens them out and makes them look bigger.
Seriously, I’ve been doing this stuff for the past 30 years, why is it now that I’m just googling it?!!

Then there’s the location. I want to capture the kids personalities as they are now.
Where could this magical place be?

How about the clothing?!
We don’t want to be too matchy matchy,
but we also don’t want to look like a circus with 100 different colors and styles going on.
or like these folks...
You have to plan so much to look “natural”!
I mean I don’t want to come out looking like this...
Suspicious Minds Seriously, you have to check out this website.

I couldn't stop laughing.
Oh wait, I hope I don't turn up on here one day...hide the headshots!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

'Cause Girl You're Amazing...just the way you are...

Oh her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they're not shining
Her hair, her hair
Falls perfectly without her trying
She's so beautiful
And I tell her every day

Yeah I know, I know
When I compliment her
She wont believe me And its so,
its so
Sad to think she don't see what I see
But every time she asks me do I look okay
I say
When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
To my baby girls,
Gorgeous sisters and sister in laws,
My Mamas (yes all y’all),
Grandmas (here & gone),
aunties, cousins, friends,
and beautiful little nieces
Girls you're amazing
Just the way you are


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Confessions of a shopaholic…Quit leading me on

With Halloween impending
I begin my search for this year’s Halloween costume.
I love homemade costumes
And although I don’t quite get around to making a costume every year
This is one that I definitely want to try
The problem is she keeps leading me on
I came across the idea of a “Dia de Los Muertos” costume
I think it’s just gorgeous.
The way their faces are painted
The flowers in the hair
The beautiful costumes
Gorgeous and a bit scary all at the same time
There are varying looks
But I’m in love with the glamorous looks

Of course thinking of doing make up likes this leads me to video tutorials
I mean after all, how else would I know how to put this make up on?

This leads me to more image searching for Dia De Los Muertos
I stumbled upon these beautiful paintings by Syliva Ji
I want one of each, but where would I hang them. Do you think it would be creepy to have one hanging over your bed?
Maybe I could talk The Girls into decorating their room like this Could you imagine the things that could lead me to?!
They'd probably wake up with nightmares!

Now these picture lead me to desire for a pin up tattoo
I’ve been longing for one for years now…
Too bad I can’t make up my mind on exactly what I want
Plus I probably wouldn’t allow myself to shell out that kind of dough!
One of these days…

That sadness of course makes me want to uplift my spirit
And what better way to lift your spirit than to have a party?!
You see, she keeps leading me on…

A party would be absolutely beautiful
Just to think of all the colors I would use.
I could hang these colorful flags everywhere Top my cupcakes with these cute little things
We could drink margaritas
and dance into the wee hours of the morning

(maybe I'd leave one of those notices on my neighbors door that we keep getting,
courtesy notice for after hours noise permit! really, did you make that up?!)

I could buy some jewelry for my party
what if I wore this gorgeous necklace?
After all, it's only $20!
One thing always leads to another…

Monday, October 11, 2010

I hate it when Monday…

I hate it when I haven’t blogged in so long,
I feel like nothing is good enough to be the beginner blog,
something to reel my readers back in.
Oh faithful followers, thanks for staying tuned in.

I hate it when I realize that Real whipped cream is ONLY 15 calories a serving. Seriously, 15 calories. I’ve been saying no whipped for all these years over 15 measly calories!! Bring it on!!

I hate it when exercise feels good while you’re doing it,
however the pain suddenly onsets within minutes of stopping.
I did a 5 minute training/try out with the new Reebok Traintone shoes.
They feel amazing when you’re wearing them,
(and I wouldn't mind having an ass like that)
but afterward,
holy cow!
I couldn’t sit, stand up, walk up or down the stairs,
I could hardly reposition my legs in the middle of the night…
I’m well into 24 hrs afterward and I’m still feeling the burn!
Now hubby, don’t get me wrong, I still want a pair *wink*wink*

I hate it when you take the kids shopping and you tell them, ok THIS IS IT!
This is the LAST thing you’re getting for weeks you spoiled little (so maybe I just thought that)
But then the next store you go to has a really GOOD deal,

or you remember that they did actually need that one thing.
Then you gotta say it again…Ok, that’s it, this is the last thing!
Not such a great lasting impression…uggghhh…

I hate it when you have a great tried and true recipe for something
but decide to try a new recipe anyway
I've been working on cooking more during the week,
which is hard to do after getting home from work,
cleaning up, homework, etc.etc..
But I actually cooked Mon-Thurs night last week.
One night I was craving meatloaf and mashed potatoes.
Hubby was a bit leary, but I promised it would be good.
After all, I grew up on meat loaf, I know what I'm doing, I explain
Why, oh why didn't I use Grandma Long's recipe?!
I admit, I made a mistake trying to take on a different family's recipe.

I hate it when you have talks with the teenagers about hard to talk about stuff
I hate the anxiety,
I hate having to come up with the right words
At the right time
Without trying to make it seem like you’re trying to have “the Talk”
Teenage girls…why couldn’t you just stay toddlers FOREVER…
I wouldn’t mind talking about Cookie Monster, shapes, and colors for the rest of your life.

And I especially hate when I realize my baby boy is trying to impress little girls!
The Boy and I were riding our bikes home from the park yesterday,
this Boy was going full speed,
I had a hard time keeping up (especially after the damn Reebok training)
that was until he saw the little girl sitting on her skateboard,
(I think that alone was enough to make his heart skip a beat)
He built up enough speed,
took his feet off of his pedals,
and balanced himself on his rear pegs as he rode past her….
All I could do was smile, showoff!


Friday, September 10, 2010

The first day...

It finally came,
after a long fun filled summer
The Boy's first day of Kindergarten

He worked hard preparing lunch for himself and his Daddy
As he was getting dressed the next morning, the Benjamin Button in him returned
He tried to coherse me into helping him get dressed.
Son, you're gonna be 5 years old, you're going into Kindergarten.
You need to dress yourself, I explained.
I know Mom, I'm not a man anymore he replied.
I was a bit perplexed.
No, son, you're not a man anymore!

He accomplished the task and we moved on to fixing his shark hair.
He LOVES his shark hair.

I was a bit worried it would be too much for a Kindergarten
but seeing that he was once a man that has grown into a boy
I figured it should be ok.
But by the time we picked him up from school
he had moved on to his hat.
He ripped off his uniform shirt and was ready to go home.
I couldn't believe this little man, ahem, I mean boy.

After school he got to pick a special treat.

When the girls started kindergarten,
I baked a school theme cake and it was ready and waiting for them when they got home.
So yes, I felt LAME this year.
but Daddy came through and found every school theme cookie they had in the store.
We ended the day with a trip to the skate park.
I created a monster taking this kid to the skate park.
Now every chance he gets, he begs to go.
How could I resist, my boy that was once a man, will soon be a real man.
I must relish in the moments.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Relaxing, it aint no easy task

at days end, i kick off my slippers and plop my feet up on the coffee table.
honey, your feet are swollen.
you need to stay off of your feet, hubby says.
youre on vacation.

i know, i know i sigh.
but im leaving the house at 8 and getting home when you get home from work.
ive got dr.s appointments and parties to shop for.

youre on vacation! stay home and relax!
kick your feet up!

ughhh along with an eye roll was my reply.
i have a serious problem relaxing!
but i put my feet up in hopes of figuring out how.

and let me tell you, the thought of staying home to relax had me tossing and turning all night.
i woke up at 3am and couldnt go back to sleep.
i watched a couple episodes of bored to death, that is a funny show. which had me up and laughing in the middle of the night.
not so good when you should be going back to sleep...
but then again,
i was supposed to stay home all day and relax.

i, thankfully, was able to get back to sleep and woke up around 8:30, thats a good start, right?
but then the phone rings and my sister is inviting me and the boy to breakast, thats easy going.
sure id love to join you i say!

but once im outside, its over.
the boy and i both love to be outside.
he persuades me to take him to the skatepark, so i kick up my feet up while he skates his little heart out!
he slides down a few ramps on his belly, his knees, his elbows as his board slips out from under his feet!
i on the other hand am sweating my buns off in the scorching heat as im sitting on this concrete block trying to be incognito.

after about 90 minutes, i cant take it anymore and am able to persuade him to do what i love while im out...
shopping, well its really an indoor thing, but its outside of the house, so that counts.

we go into walmart and come out with loads of goodies.with less than $25 i was able to redo a bathroom!
a little switcheroo of a shower curtain and decorative towels
a whole new bathroom!
accomplishing a feat like that relaxes me.

we also picked up a few snacks for the teenagers back to school party.
i know, a house full of hungry, gossipping teenagers does not sound relaxing!
but as im reporting to you live from bloggerroid, ive got my feet kicked up and im ready to take them on!
i think...
my mind is racing wondering if i have enough chips, cookies, sodas
how many pizzas should i order?
am i supposed to put on a bonfire, cause i dont have a pit.
do these kids think theyre drinking here? cause it aint happening!
are they gonna have fun? or is gonna be a total bust.
will my kids be the laughing stalks of the school cause they had the lamest back to school party ever?
wish me luck!
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Summer lovin'...I love LA

This summer I took a some time off to spend with kiddos during their vacation.

We took in the tourist spots around LA.
Mostly beachy ones, because I wanna be a billionaire so fricken bad...
I'd buy all of the things I never had, including a house on the beach...
It's another fantasy of mine...

I had just taken Teen 1 for the haircut she'd been begging for
The latest fashion trend, I suppose
And although many people think I'm crazy for letting her do it,
#1- I figured it was better than a tattoo or another home done piercing
#2- I grew up in the 80's and I've seen lots of crazy hair dos
#3- If she had the balls to do it, and wasn't concerned with the stares and glares, I'd give her my permission

(It does look alot better now, check out her picture now----->)
However after leaving the salon, I figured Orange County beaches probably weren't the way to go.

I'd take her to the beach of misfits
You guessed it,
Venice Beach!
Naturally, The Boy being the cool kid that he is, sported his "shark hair" that day to fit in.
It was really some great people watching.
Oh sheesh, now that I think about it, I bet people were people watching me.
tsk, tsk,tsk, did you see that lady and her misfit children, I could hear them saying.
Why would she allow her children to form their hair in such shapes?!
ahem, I digress.
I was in awe of all the artist there that seemed to make their living off of their creations.
We walked around f or a couple hours,
and took in all the sites.
We bargained with some vendors and walked away empty handed.
The Boy begged me to let him watch the freak show, but sorry Mama was not gonna pay $5 to see the two headed dog. I was a bit freaked out by the turtle.
I almost got lured into a few marijuana "clinics"
Why yes, my back does hurt! I was thinking...
We enjoyed some lunch on the beach and came home with a few of these treasures(not the Mary jane just in case you were wondering!)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Testing, testing

is this thing on?
just download the Blogger app on my phone

lets see how this thing works
lets say I'm sitting at the cafe enjoying a latte
and some crazy thought pops in my head
i can blog about it right there and then

so this is a test
this is only a test
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Good News is the Bad News

I went for my MRI results today,
he asks if I want the good news
or the bad news
but actually the good news was the bad news.

The MRI appeared normal.
There was slight bulging
but not enough to irritate a nerve root he says.
It's quite baffling, he continues
as he rotates my neck around in various motions
To the side, does this hurt?
No, not really.
Well how about when you raise your arm?
Like this?
No, nothing.

It could be that when you're leaning on your desk you hit that nerve and it makes your pinkie tingle, he explains, as he is pointing to "the funny bone".

Ok Doc, I get it, you're pulling things out of the air now.
But that wouldn't make your neck hurt? again with the baffled look.
Well let's just continue with the physical therapy for your flare ups.
um...flare ups of WHAT???!!!!
And if it still doesn't get better, you can see the spine specialist.
All your symptons appear to be a neck problem, but we'll check your spine too.

Now the hypochondriac starts to think of other disesases that it could possibly be.
I've been checked for arthritis, and that was negative so that's good.

So I kept myself busy pulling loads of weeds.
Seriously loads!
Filled my trashcan up half way.
Weeding is one of those things that sounds good for about the first 2 minutes!
Too bad the job took over an hour and a half!
But the flower bed looks lovely, I must say.

After that, I tore The Boy's room apart.
Purged the closets and have a good size bag to donate to the needy.
Hung up his skateboard shelf,

Question- how exactly are you supposed to get anchors in the wall?

That was another thing that sounded like a good idea for the first 2 minutes!

Good news is I took this week off, so I've been able to rest my arm,shoulder, neck issue.
Bad news, I gotta work for the rest of my life!!!

I can just hear it like the sound of Arnold in my ear...
I'll be back


Thursday, August 26, 2010

You think you’re cooler than me

When your kids are young, they adore everything you do.
There’s nothing you can do that doesn’t make them laugh.
They accept all your hugs and kisses.
They hold your hand as you walk through the store
(unless they’re hiding from you in the clothes racks…
Ugghh, I hate when he does that!!)

The Boy is on the cusp of turning 5 and he already won’t kiss me at daycare.

Now, they all look at me like I’m some kind of freak when I sing along to their songs!
Sorry girls, but you used to think I was Mariah fricken Carey!

Today The Girls called me at work with the radio blaring in the background
Mom, do you like Pitbull?
Why, I ask (they’re always some ulterior motive with teenagers)
You’re gonna make fun of me aren’t you? I ask with hesitation.
No, we’re not.
Yes, I do. I admit proudly.
I could hear the snicker in Teen 1’s voice.
Yeah, Teen 2 said you probably knew all the words to this song!, she says.

Whatever!! So what, your mama still likes to shake her booty when she hears music!!
Next time, I will learn all the words and rap along with him!

Then there’s the days that they call me to say they’re going on a bike ride.
You better not ride MY bike! I remind them each time.

M O M!!
N O O N E wants to ride your bike!

Seriously, I have
The COOLEST bike in the whole house!
What do they mean?!

I mean seriously, look at this thing. People look at me with envy in their eyes when they see me riding this sweet piece of machinery down the street!

There are times when I walk into their room to check myself out in the mirror
Only to realize that we’re pretty much wearing the same outfit!

Ha, you think you’re cooler then me…
You dress just like me?!

I won’t mention that this is MY hat she’s wearing!
It's probably because you think you're cooler than me!
*wink* love you girls

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If You Give The Boy a Water Balloon

He'll want you to throw it at him.
And if you have an arm like mine,
you'll miss and it'll pop on the grass.

He'll be sad and you'll promise to soak him with water on Saturday morning.
Saturday morning will come, but you won't want to put clothes on to go in the front yard.
You'll send The Teenager in the front yard with The Boy
and instruct her to soak him with the water hose at 9:30.
You'll take The Boy to Target later that day and come accross more waterballoons.
You'll make more empty promises to have a water fight with him later that day.
It's Saturday, so you'll have to take him to a birthday party and by the time you get home,
you'll be too tired.
He'll talk you into calling his Auntie to tell her a story about a "special girl" he saw at Target
and explain to his Auntie that she needs to go to Target to teach her sign language.
Amidst the conversation, he'll invite her over for a Water Fight Party.
He'll then invite one cousin,
then another,
then his uncle,
he'll invite his grandma.
He'll set up a time for the party- After lunch he'll tell them.

They'll all ask him what his mommy is making for lunch.
After lunch, you'll try to explain!
Sunday morning, you'll buy MORE water balloons.
You'll text more cousins to let them know of the impending party.
You'll go from store to store to find a Slip N Slide at the end of August.
You'll have to talk your hubby out of buying the Giant Kingpin chair at Big 5.
Yes, you know it's cool, but it's $100 you exclaim!

One balloon
turns into buckets of balloons
Buckets of balloons turn into sleds full of balloons
AND water guns for all
Balloons and water guns
turn into slip n sliding on a hot August Summer day.

Freinds and neighbors join in on the fun.
Food is grilled and eaten because you know-
you simply can't have a party without food
Cousins get wet and messy,
they chill out and dry on a "Magic Carpet"
One balloon will turn into a lifetime of memories.

Follow along through the fun and agony as we try to figure out how to raise two completely opposite teenagers- Teen 1, the fiesty yet inquisitive one, Teen 2 quiet but wise-cracking and our ball full of energy known as The Boy. It aint always pretty, but we’ll sure try to make the best of it!
These are the stories of our lives…