Thursday, April 30, 2009

From Procrastination to Paying It Forward!!

This was how I was feeling:

Received that yesterday in a funny email from my BFF from JHS that I happened to run into at Target 15 years later!! Now life is all good in BFF world, she lives around the corner, her 2nd marriage was to a Johnny too, and she had lots of kids, just like me...

Bloggie Queenie Jeannie is Paying it forward, she's got a great blog, check it out!

So I'm gonna give it a try too!!

Come and join me (Kimberly) you know we have some homemade stuff to make!!

If you want to participate, you too must pay it forward to five other peeps. It must be something hand-made, by you!!!, but the sky is the limit on what it could be! A card, a batch of cookies, an apron, a blanket, I dunno....anything! OR perhaps buying a small, cute something!!


Here is straight copy & paste from Jeannie's blog:
Handcrafted items, you like em? Yeah, me too. So, here's a game to get and receive some goodies. The first 5 people to leave a comment on this post, will receive, in the next month, a handmade gift from me.The catch is that you must participate too. Before you leave your comment here, write up (or copy and paste) a pay it forward post on your blog to keep the fun going. Then, come back, let me know you are going to play. Remember that only the FIRST FIVE comments will receive a gift from me, (considering I only have 4 followers, not sure how this'll work but let's give it a try)!!
This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
1. I make no guarantee that you will like what I make. But, I will try my best to make sure that you do.
2. It will be done within a month
3. You will have no clue what or when it will be.
Please make sure to leave your e-mail address too so I can get a hold of you. you wanna play???
Five Big Winners:
1. Amanda

So now I feel all nice and giving inside like this:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just believe...Sometimes you just have to talk yourself into believing
believing that things will be better,
believe that what you're doing is the right thing,
believe that your kids will follow the right path,
believe in yourself,
believe in your dreams and visions for your future
You especially need to do this when you don't want to believe any of it at all!!
Today is just one of those days
I read and hear about health issues with children and these mothers are so strong,
you all inspire me and are just amazing women.
I hope that if the time comes that I have to deal with something so hard, I can be just as strong.
I'm a sagitarius so I'm a dreamer and I often wonder where this path is leading me...
Where it leads my family?
Am I doing all that I can do?
All that I'm supposed to do?
So today I will start my vision board
get out of my funk
and just believe...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter weekend round up

What a non stop action packed weekend we had, I never had a minute to logon to the computer!
Friday was little Sister's bday...Happy 16th Sammi!
We were at Mel's for tacos and cake.
Our long lost bro from Texas flew in and everyone says he's got that Texas Twang now.

Sat. morning we were up early looking for a free pancake breakfast and 10,000 eggs to find! The kids had such a blast they got their faces painted, played games, and of course we cheated and waited on the wrong side of the line so our little ones wouldn't get trampled...tsk, tsk...
Here's a shot of the boy petrified of the couldn't get away!

Roooaaarrrrr!!!!!!!!!Scared ya' didn't he?!

Sunday was brunch at our house, we had so much food...
The hubby was going to be the omlette guy, but after making a few he decided that I was much better at multi-tasking! Mom and Nixon were the first there so you can see him enjoying his plate!
Kim and I didn't talk about our outfits before of course we had on the SAME EXACT dress!!! Yes, I changed, but there's a shot of us in there...the twins!
We had egg dying which was so not what we were used to from back in the day!
More grown kids to hide eggs then little ones to find them!
We had so much fun and it was good to have everyone there...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tech Saavy Thursday

Well, well, well little ol' me is becoming quite the tech saavy girl today.
I joined a new blogspot Grace In The Small Things, check out my little badge below,
thanks to my blog surfing yesterday (thanks jeannie) It's quite a neat little world
to see how each person appreciate the little things in their life, if only we all did!

So then I found which helps you find subjects to blog or glob about! still trying
to figure that out.

And lastly I've downloaded all my videos from my flip. You can make movies, cards, share on the web. So watch out ya'll those are comin soon. I just need to figure out how to download them. I said I was becoming saavy...not that I already am!

And not so techy, I get to go home and cook a good ol' fashion meal (thanks to the internet and all the recipes online) and unclog the bathtub drain the old fashioned way, I don't think they've come up with any new tech saavy way for that yet!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Waaassss Saappeennning Wednesday...

So much has been going on lately and haven't blogged with the bloggers lately.
I've been reading and finding new ones to follow which got me pumped to blog more
blog...why couldn't they give it a better name? huh??
It's almost Eater which is pretty amazing, cause that means we're done with a third of the year!
Sunday will be baskets, CANDY, brunch...yummy!!
Painting eggs, hiding eggs, finding eggs, CANDY!!
and of course all the kiddies in the family running around cause we're actually half rabbit and have a ton of youngins...I love all ya'll little babies...oh and some of you big ones too... muah!
Speaking of big ones, I can't believe my daughter is 15, I was watching her this weekend just doing her thing as I thought to myself - when did this happen? How do I have a 15 year old?
My little chubby girl has grown into this beautiful young lady who drives me crazy at times but has got my attitude and outlook on curious about absolutely everything and is turning out to be a pretty good teenager. So I'm thankful and feel blessed to have her.
Lorysa is growing into her own and she's a complete opposite of her sister which is so funny. She is of course a mini Auntie Kim. With all knowing wittiness about her and an attitude to match. She challenges everything and acts like a tough pre-teen but she's got a big heart and smile in there that you get to see every once in a while! I love you just as much my middle child!! heehee
Boy oh boy...that boy! A new day, a new trick on the bike. He's riding with no more training wheels and is quite the little trickster. Last weekend he started standing on the middle bar as he's riding or he does the sidesaddle and holds up 1 hand all at the ripe ol' age of 3! I've learned not to flinch or squirm as he does these things, he's actually quite cautios when he's trying to figure out a new trick.
He's all boy, but he is still a little mama's boy when he "needs" something! of course!
Hubby and I had date night on Fri without offspring, which was not quite as good as I hoped for. I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled on Fri and was pretty drugged up, so if you have oral surgery in the morning you should probably postpone date night.
Follow along through the fun and agony as we try to figure out how to raise two completely opposite teenagers- Teen 1, the fiesty yet inquisitive one, Teen 2 quiet but wise-cracking and our ball full of energy known as The Boy. It aint always pretty, but we’ll sure try to make the best of it!
These are the stories of our lives…