Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Kitchen Table

is where our meals are served

is where we gather every night

is where we discuss our day

is where we delegate chores

is where discussions get heated

is where we pout

is where we laugh

is where we cry

is where we make up stories

is where we tell our story to be heard

is where the boy irritates his sissies

is where the pre-teen is reminded everyday to use her fork, not her fingers

is where they roll their eyes

is where the fruit bowl sits

is where we share ice cream, smoothies, and pie

is where mom tries to convince someone, anyone to play dominoes

is where we drink

is where we eat

is where we sit

is sometimes quiet

is more often loud

The kitchen table…

it’s small and intimate for our party of 5

it’s large and accommodating on a moments notice

it’s where we laugh

it’s where fights are made

it’s where fights are made up

it's where we realize we're loved


Johnny Jr said...

Boys and men don't cry at this table. Haha

MOMSWEB said...

There is no better table in the house!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Awesome post!! Great job!!!!

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