Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ask and You Shall Receive

The Boy was told to do his homework by his Daddy.
Not just once, but several times in passing.
The Boy was in the back family room and each time in passing his dad would firmly say,
Son, you better get your homework done.

I was in the dining room, fooling around with some papers or something.
After a few minutes of hearing the T.V. blaring
And watching The Boy run in and out of the kitchen
I intervene.

Son, I say as I’m walking to the family room, you need to start working on your homework
I am, he insists as waves his hands over his papers that are spread out on the coffee table.
His pencil box is open.
And his apple is standing on it’s bottom- eaten to the core.

I grab the remote control and turn the T.V. off
You have to get your homework done or you will lose your T.V. privileges, I explain.
I turn around to walk away.
By the way, what does that mean anyway, he asks inquisitively?
What does what mean?
T.V privileges, he says shyly.
It means you won’t be able to watch T.V. at ALL, in my most dramatic voice.
I’m secretly smiling inside that he’s asking when he doesn’t understand bigger words.

Then he continues on, ok, but for how many weeks?
1 week, I quickly reply!!

This kid is making it too easy!


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