Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Growing Pains...

The end of the year is steadily approaching which means birthday season is fast upon us...

The boy will go first, turning 4 in September.

This boy has quite an imagination and can tell a story, well, just about as good as all my other kids! They tend to stretch the truth and turn a small thing into a much grander, more eleborate event!

If you went upon his words, you would think this boy has a dirt bike, and 2 street bikes (motorcycles). (Yes, he wants to be a biker boy, just like daddy and Uncle Jeff)

His bikes are in the shop. They're being worked on because he had an accident.
One is red (because 1 of everything in his life is red) and one is green.
If you'd ever like to see these bikes, you get on the freeway, then go right, then left. I know this because he screamed that during a tantrum on our way home, apparently we were supposed to be going to the shop!

He's lived his life in reverse, sorta like the great Benjamin Button.

When he was a older, he was a bad boy. He went to jail.
(Hence his immense fear for policemen and their guns) However he does thoroughly enjoy locking himself up with those red fuzzy handcuffs play handcuffs he finds!

When he was a teenager, he had 5 dirt bikes. He did tricks on his ramp, on his BMX bike with pegs, and big jumps on his skateboard.

But now he's just a boy. A boy who's obsessed with words like butt and poop!
Take your pick, either one seems to fit into any sentence that comes out of his mouth.

The pre-teen will officially become a teenager in October.

I had the pleasure of taking her school shopping this weekend.
She used to be the girl that would find something no matter where we went, just for the sheer joy of getting something because mom said she could.

But now she's a teenager and everything MUST fit just right. So we walked up and down the mall corrider, going in and out of the stores, trying on this shirt, those pants, arguing about prices and drilling in that I'm not buying her another pair of skinny jeans...for 5 hours this circus goes on, only to find 1 stinkin' shirt!

Oh, how I longed for the days when she enjoyed wearing sweats and would just pick something! I guess after all these years of yelling at her for "just picking something because" has backfired!

The teenager will be 16 in December

She took her first vacation without her family, to Vegas of all places! I know, I'm crazy!
She was with her friends family, and yes, I was terrified at times.
But she's alive and she's home, so that's good, right?!

So Sunday morning we're up and getting ready to go to brunch and I go in her room to check out my outfit in the mirror (I mean 5 hrs of shopping and frustration, I deserved something new!)
She's acting a little funny and giving me that wierd look,
that "I did something wrong, does she notice?" smile
At first I figure it's because we're dressed similar, and I think she secretly likes it

Then I realize it

I see that shining reflection that's beaming off the side of her nose
I look, I yell, "What is that?!! Why did you do that?!!, When did you do that?!!!!!!!!"

Smirk, "I did it last night" "I cleaned everything really good Mom, I used the earing cleaner"

Still yelling "You're gonna get an infection!!!" "I told you next time you need to ask me first"

Next time?! you're asking yourself....oh yes, this is the second time. She recently took out a septum piercing. What is a septum you ask?
a dividing wall, membrane, or the like, in a plant or animal structure; dissepiment.

Yep, a dividing membrane in between the nose, like where you pierce a bull...that's where my sweet girl had her piercing. She recently took that out. But who was I kidding, she then became obsessed with how cute they look on the outside of ones nose.

Well my sweet child, you still had 2 father's you needed to go through. If one didn't have a fit, the other would. I'm sorry your Dad made you take it out!

In due time my love!

Now since we're on her birthday, we of course have to talk about mine because it's the same day. And we hate I mean, LOVE it, don't we?

I am definetly feeling the pain of getting older, now that I'm officially in my thirities, now I'm thirty plus a real number, gasp!!

I realize that ALL the clothes we saw in the mall, were clothes that I wore in jr. high. Funny how these things return. Then I worry that I'm shopping in the same stores.
I see women that are older than my mother at these stores trying things on and wondering to myself, is she really gonna wear that?!

Then I wonder if the kids my daughters age are saying that about me?!

I've been having this terrible pain that has set into my shoulder and moved down to my hand. It's been creeping up on me for a few months now, coming and going, but now I feel like it wants to make a permanent home and it terrifies me! Mom's can't be down, I can't be down. I hate it.
This getting old stuff aint no joke!

So last night, I'm just out of commission. I decide I'm gonna lay down and ice my shoulder.

Hubby's got the boy covered. They get ice cream from the ice cream man. Sweet of them to buy me one, but not in the mood to eat it. So they enjoy theirs.
Since mama's not cooking, they get Taco Bell. I said no to that, but hubby knows, I will not refuse food in front of my face. Smart man that he is brought me some...good thinkin!

But after the ice cream, Taco Bell, kimchi soup, and I'm sure a few other snacks hubby has enjoyed, I wonder to myself - why isn't he growing?


JennyMac said...

So many bdays ahead. How fun. All those teens..I can't imagine. LOL.

Hope the shoulder feels better!

Queenie Jeannie said...

KIDS!!!! All you can do is buckle up tight and try to enjoy the ride, lol!


Haha, you would talk about my nose ;)

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These are the stories of our lives…