Friday, August 7, 2009

Confessions of a shopaholic...

My name is Janelle

and I'm a shopaholic! (what is this confession week?)

There I said it...

It's a problem that runs deep in the veins of my family, on both sides, if you can believe that!

My mother is a mini Imelda Marcos - she probably has at least 8 tubs of shoes in the garage (and she honestly donates her "older" ones every few months!!)

My father is a collector of can we put this lightly eclectic things, let's say! (a lifesize Elvis statue in the family room that changes his hat and accessories with the holidays, a plush moosehead hanging in the living room, the GEM car)

And when Grandpa came home to visit from the Phillipines, he bought the mail order nightvision goggles, listening devices, LIFE music cd's from the 50's - 70's!!

DEEP, I tell ya!

What makes the problem worse is that I'm a regretful shopper, very regretful shopper!

I would buy things, and as I'm paying, this feeling would just come over me...

anxiety - I just feel sick to my stomach! I would go home then go back to the store to return whatever I bought a few days later...

Now I just walk up and down the aisles, fill up my shopping cart and usually have emptied 3/4 of it before I get to check out. I've even been known to buy something at one side of the mall and then go back and return it before I hit the other side!

Bad, i tell ya'

But having 3 kids and a household to manage is alot to worry about when you're shopping!

Of course, there's the "fair is fair" business that you have to factor in. I have to be sure that I'm fairly shopping for the kids, I'm a middle child so of course I know how it feels to think one of your siblings is getting more than you!

Then the cheap girl in me makes it even worse! I could spend 2 weeks on the internet and driving from store to store to make sure I'm getting THE BEST deal ever!!

Gosh, now that I'm writing about sounds pretty bad!

Well it gets even worse, because I become obsessed with whatever it is that I'm thinking about purchasing! It can be something as simple as a $10 purse or party decorations; I must be sure that I'm getting the best deal! And now school clothes for the kids, cause that is coming up soon!

So maybe if I spill some of my finds, I won't feel so guilty about shopping, right?!!

just agree with me...humor me if you will...

School starts for us in 3 weeks! aaahhhh! I have not bought 1 single item!

well that was until about 5 minutes ago...

I usually buy my girls "lots" of Abercrombie jeans on ebay before school starts (and no this is not because of the name, it's because they're so darn tiny that that's what's fits them best!) I'm fortunate enough that they wear the same size!

Their style is somewhat the same, the just do some tweeking and each outfit uniquely fits to their personality...pretty clever those girls are (they got it from their mama!)

This morning, low and behold, I receive the Old Navy circular in my email box and they were having a fantastic sale. Being that I was at work and "working" I didn't have time to check it out.

At 11:45 am preteen sends me a text: "Mom, jeans from oldnavy are only $10 this week you can save money if you buy them now. You can save about $10?(: "

Well isn't that sweet of her, looking out for her dear ol' Mom's wallet??!! (Actually I've trained them well, they know do not even come close to me with an item of clothing that you really really really want without knowing exactly how much it is gonna cost - and my favorite, oh, it's more than $10, nevermind!) I do feel bad sometimes, but with 3 kids, every dollar counts.

Well I did breakdown and buy them brand spankin new jeans from Old Navy.

I got all of these fabulous finds (when is the skinny jean trend going to be OVER??!!)

$11.00 &$12.50 ea
So they're getting 3 pairs each!

And since fair is fair, the boy got some too... ($11.00 ea)

8 pairs of jeans for $94.00
FREE shipping for orders over $50 just use coupon code: FREE50
Happy shopping people!


Mrs. Happily-ever-after said...

Great finds...I'm the same way with shopping and make sure that I get the best prices on everything!

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

You cannot pass up that deal. I think I have the same shopping addiction. It is so bad, I know.

MOMSWEB said...

Hi there!

May I use this post in an upcoming Momsweb e-newsletter? I'll link the title directly to your blog.

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