Friday, August 14, 2009

I'd like to send a Shout Out

or a shot out...I'm a dork and don't really know what is the right way to say it...

To the teenager:
I know you didn't want to wake up on Tuesday morning and spend your summer day watching your sick little brother because he had a fever and mom had to go to work.
I know because you looked up at me with squinted eyes as I shook you out of your deep sleep and said "I don't want to", but because I'm the loving mother that I am, I replied "I don't care, you're watching him!!!!!".
You complied and were actually pleasent to deal with for the remainder of the day. It may have had something to do with needing to be nice in order to get school clothes but none the less, you were pleasent and complied, so thank you!

To the pre-teen:
Thanks for helping your sister with the above. And also, thank you for making dinner on Wed. night because we were at swim and haven't had a home cooked meal in 2 weeks!!! Thank you for not burning the rice! The rice and chicken were scrum-deli-umptious!
in 2 months, mama's not gonna be able to call you a pre-teen anymore...oh no!

To the boy:
Thank you for being good when your sister's were watching you. I know you were good because you kept telling your sissy to "tell mommy I'm being good!". And thank you for being so sweet this morning and giving mommy the last bottle of water from the fridge! I know you were going in there with a glimmer of hope that there would be a juice box however to your disappointment there was only a stinkin' bottle of water!

To hubby:
Thanks for loving me for me. I know you think I'm loud and crazy but you love me anyway. I know because you told the girls "that's just your mom, she's loud!" as you tried to explain to them why I text with so many exclamation points and multiple question marks??!!!

To the boy's preschool:
Cause it's Kid's Night Out! I don't know what you do to our kids to pump them up about coming back to school on a Fri night to hang out with their teachers, but I love you for it! We're just as excited cause that means Date Night!! whoohoo!!

To my scale:
Thank you for not budging in the wrong direction these days! Even though I haven't visited my friend treadmill or that crazy monster bow-flex at all this summer. You've let me enjoy my sangria, bud lite lime, and backyard bbq's. I'm hoping the summer bike rides and teaching that boy mama's version of dribbiling is counting for something! I promise, I'm watching my points!
Now if you could just help me fit in these skinny jeans??!


Tara said...

you've got a good family.... makes life so much easier huh? ;O)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Very cute post!!

I like the bloggy makeover too!

MOMSWEB said...

You keep reminding me of what a great mom you are. This was toooo sweet of you!

sunshine said...

Nice blog!

Even though my family consists of me, my hubby and two crazy dogs, it's always refreshing to read such a nice and real post like this one.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I will be coming back to read yours!!

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