Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Big Debate - M.D. vs Chiropractor

So on goes the drama of my shoulder/arm/neck/hand pain.

I had gone to the Dr. a few weeks ago and he diagnosed it as radiculopathy.
The Dr. understood all my symptoms and as he explained the syndrome to me,
It all made sense.

Yes, he gets it.

He prescribed heat, Bengay, light rubbing/massage, and anti-inflamatory (ibuprofen)
I've gone for the x-rays and blood work, but the pain is still constant.

I know that these two professions have a bit of a disagreement in beliefs, but I asked anyway...
Should I see a Chiropractor?
Now just imagine this dr. turning to me with one raised eyebrow and replied in his thick accent...
This is a problem with your nerves, I don't want to say I don't like Chiropractors, but if you don't feel better you need to see a real Dr. (now I don't think he said real, but he said something of that sort)
I aint no dummy, I caught his drift.
So I decided for a few weeks, I'd give this Dr.'s way a shot.

Yesterday the pain spread even further down the shoulder blade...
up along my back,
thru the armpit,
down the arm,
all the way down to the tip of my pinkie.

I was in agony and misery.

Crying is not something that comes easy to me.

My mama is one tough cookie. She's a cynic, abrupt, and does not break easy.
My pops on the other hand is friendly, calm, and non-confrentational....

So that makes me a mean b*tch with a kind heart that laughs everything off.

I do NOT cry.

This broke me.
This made me cry.

So after a couple weeks of following Dr.'s orders, I decided I was going to the chiropractor.

I give him my symptoms and tell him what the Dr. has diagnosed my pain as.

Now, he turns and give me that one raised eyebrow crooked look too

Then of course, he gave me his spiel...
When you have a problem with your nerves, muscle, tendons, come see me!
What kid of Dr. did you say you went to?!

The Chiropractor diagnosed it as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Now when he explained all my symptoms, he too describes everything right on.
He explained how the nerves are inflamed, which makes the muscle irritated,
and that further aggrivates the nerves.

Aha, he gets it! (too?)

So the Chiropractor prescribes the complete opposite-
ice, deep masage, muscle stim and ultra-sound.

I left there feeling understood and relieved of some pain.

But who is right?

I'll try my Chiropractor for a few weeks and try to answer this debateable question.

***Ding, Ding, Ding***Round 2

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Melissa said...

Can't believe I missed this. I had epidural steroid injections in my quickly solved a painful problem for me. That said physical therapy and chiro probably would have done the same you are doing now. And my chiro has two Bachelor my book that makes him a doctor :)
I hope your feeling better now...

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