Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lazy days of... dish washing!

Sunday was a lazy day,

the first lazy day in a long time.

It was nice to not do anything,

not have anything planned,

not have any appointments or parties to miss.

I'm not usually one to do nothing.

It usually drives me NUTS.

But today I needed to take some to relax and recharge.

Me and the boy lounged in the bed til 9:30.

Until as I was laying there with my eyes clothes and my head rested on the pillow

I felt something hard hit me in the head, something that felt like it flew accross the room.

I open my eyes to see these 5 characers laying there by my head too!

And I know one of them is the guilty party!

The boys look of worry as he realized that it actually hit me!

Uggghhh...he's such a boy!

I could hear hubby in the kitchen clanging around pots and pans.

Opening and closing the fridge.

I resisted getting up to help.

That is until he brought me a delicious cup of hot java with extra cream to bed....mmmm!!!

I got up to and headed to the kitchen to find him cooking up some huevos rancheros.

But I did notice out of the corner of my eye a sink full of dishes.

I can't stand to cook or eat with a sink full of dirty dishes.

So I couldn't resist any longer. I washed the 1st sinkload of dishes for the day.

We ate our yummy breakfast and I watched the plates, forks, cutting boards, and pans pile up.

I washed the 2nd dishload of dishes.

We sat on the couch and watched a movie.

The girls woke up later and the teenager made herself and her sister scrambled egg quesadillas.

More pans, plates, and forks piled up.

I washed the 3rd dishload of dishes.

(normally I would yell at them to do it, but it's their last day of summer break, so I gave them a break for once!)

Then it was lunchtime. The boy and I had grilled cheese with carrots and chips.

And you guessed it, more dishes!

Round 4!

We lounged around some more, watched another movie.

Then I ran to the grocery store to pick up some groceries and things.

And now that I sit here cooking dinner my hands have just been dried off from washing dishload #5!

Because we've had snacks and drinks in between lunch and dinner, of course.

I love eating every meal at home but I got smart!

I just bought paper plates!!

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Johnny Jr said...

Well I washed one sink full of disk when I woke up to make the eggs.

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