Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I got it from my Mama

Truth be told, I can't lie
I'm terrible at it

My mind starts going a mile a minute
trying to think of what I'm gonna say

I worry that someone might catch me in my lie

My heart races
I probably stutter
start this uncontrolable giggle
my eyes shift back and forth
I break out in the sweats
just terrible

Well wouldn't you know it...
The teenager who was born on my birthday
and has her mama's personality
has the same problem...

(doesn't she just looked thrilled to be taking this photo?!)

Alot of the times she doesn't even have to start speaking

we can tell by the look on her face or by the way the words are coming out of her mouth that it's not the truth!

She's come to learn that she has this trait and will usually stray away from even beginning to speak!

It's quite funny!

(honestly folks you don't realize what a skill you have received)

Just yesterday, we found out that yet another one of the youngin's has been handed down the dreaded curse of "I cannot tell a lie"!!!

But first let me backtrack a few days...

Swim class was fast approaching for the little dude and duddette in our life

My boy is 3, and his cousin is 4

The swim class we want them to take starts at 4 years old, this is the only swim class that would work for my schedule and we want them to be together

So I go back and forth trying to decide if I should put him in the 3 year old class

He's already taken a full summer of swim classes last year so has some of the basic skills

So I decide I'm gonna try to pass him as 4

As I'm driving to sign him up...my mind begins

What am I gonna say if they ask?

Will they ask for a birth certificate?

What date calculates to make him 4 years old already?

What if they ask him?

I can't possibly take him with me...he talks too much!

Well I get there and all I have to do is fill out a spot on a postcard that says "Age:____"

wheh...that was easy, all that fussing for nothing!

Ok, fast foward to yesterday...

The first day of swim class! whoohoo!

I pick him up from school and as we're riding home,

I tell him, "Son, if the teacher asks, tell her you're 4"

I look at him in the rearview mirror and he has this look of horror and confusion on his face

"But why Mom, I'm still 3 only"

"My birthday's not here yet"

Ugghhh...the curse!

"I know son, but you will be 4 next month"

Oh nevermind!

So we go home to change into his swim gear.

He says a quick hello to his daddy.

We hop back in the car to head to class and the questions begin?

"Mom, how old is Kaia?"

"Mom, am I gonna be 4 after swim class?"

I text my hubby, your son can't lie, I told him to say he's 4!

He replies, yes, I know, he already told me the story!

(we were only home for 3 minutes, how could he possibly?!!)

Aaaaahhhhh, I shoulda' never said anything he's gonna give it away!!

They're gonna kick us out of class, in front of everyone!!

My mind is racing again, my heart is pounding!

We get to class and they just put the kids in the water

No checking names, no checking in, no asking questions

whehhh...what a relief

As class is closing, the teachers go around asking the kids

What was your favorite part of the day?

Then one teacher asks her side of the swim class...

What's your name and your favorite color?

The kids take turns answering...

The teacher on my boy's side of the class asks..

What's your age??!!! and your favorite color?

Oh no, we're done!!

heart's racing, I can't even look!

Sure enough...

I'm 3!!

my favorite color is red...

he get's it from his mama!



Queenie Jeannie said...

LOL!! That's a GOOD trait hun!! Such a super sweet post - loved it!

MOMSWEB said...

LOL! Janelle, you are too funny! You're bold for even trying this with a three year old. Now THAT'S funny! LOL!

That Kid said...

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Tara said...

That is GREAT!!!! ♥♥♥

kimberly said...

hahahaaaa... my heart was racing too!

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