Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Haha....Good try Girls!

My girls are older now
15 1/2 and almost 13
and they're home on Summer break
which means they get extra chores to do
Mom LOVES summer break!

Usually means the home is somewhat clean
and sometimes I get them to start dinner for me

Now don't get me wrong, this aint no sweatshop
But I'm just preparing them to be able to take care of themselves
Mama's not gonna be around all the time
They need to know how to sweep the floor, wash dishes
seperate, wash, and fold laundry
how to take a bus,
they've been lost before and it took everything in me just to let them figure it out
(I was on the phone with them every 20 mins to make sure they were ok)

These are all life skills that I think alot of the kids these days are not learning

And no, they're not home all day cooking and cleaning for me

I think they should be able to relax and be kids so they're
walking to the mall
hanging out with friends
going to the park, beach, etc
just having fun

So yesterday as they were calling me with their updates during the day...

I told preteen she could go to the park, but she needed to be home by 6 to make rice for dinner
(This girl can make some kick butt spanish rice, she does it better than me, therefore she's making it whenever it needs to be made!!)
Ok Mom she says.

Good try #1 - 5:45 text received: Mom, Kirstie wants to to go the burger stand, can we go?

Ummm...no dear, you're supposed to be home in 15 mins to make rice!

I also called the teenager around 4:30 and told her at 5:30 I need her to start the chicken
So precisely at 5:30, I sent her a text of step by step directions

(this is full of good tries of trying to irritate Mom to the point where she says
"Just forget it, I'll do it myself!!!!!")
Me: Season both sides of chicken with garlic herb, salt, and peper.
Put 2 tbsp onf olive oil in large skillet, add 1 tbsp garlic(from fridge) and 1 slice onion
Then add chicken, put cover on, and cook 8 mins ea side
#2 -Teenager: What's a slice? Like a square or like the onions you put on a cheeseburger?
Me: Just 1 slice thru the onion in the fridge. Use the whole thing, seperate them up.
# 3 -Teenager: Where's the cutting board, I looked everywhere!
Me: Behind the coffee maker
#4- Teenager: Where's the garlic
Me: In the fridge, in a plastic jar
AAArrrrrggghhhhhhh! Is precisely how I'm feeling, but I'm gonna let them figure this out

I arrived home about half hour later
the house smelled scrum-deli-umptious
Preteen had her friend in the kitchen cutting up onions
She's stirring up the rice, searching for the bouillon cubes
Teenager's chicken is in the skillet lookin good!
So I'm in the room folding laundry and here comes the preteen
#5- Ummm....Mom, the rice is burnt, I dont think it's gonna be good
How do I throw it away?
No, girl, you're gonna cook it. We'll throw it away after it cooks

As we're sitting there enjoying our dinner
Teenager asks "How's the chicken?!!!" with a smirk on her face
It's really good, thanks for making it
She says...
#6- Well I didn't know what a slice was, so I cut up the whole onion
Me:That's ok, it makes the chicken taste better anyway
#7- And I didn't really know what I was doing with the seasoning so I put A L O T on!!!
Me: Well it's really good, you did a great job!
Did you really think doing a bad job was gonna get you out of cooking dinner again?
Hahaha...GOOD try!
I would just teach you how to make it better!

They must forget that I was once a kid and I'm sure I've pulled that quite a few times!


Diane J. said...

Oh how we love teens ;)

My newest is my 15 -year-old calling me on his cell. I can hear him plain as day and he acts like he can't hear a word I say. Guess, he's going to have to buy his own NEW phone, hee, hee, hee. How much you want to bet that phone starts working right quick?

Love your blog! Have a wonderful day.

Queenie Jeannie said...


Yep, I've been thru two teens already myself and have seen it all. Good job on preparing them for life!!!

Grand Pooba said...

Haha! My husband tries the same trick on me!

Way to stand your ground!

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

That is too funny! Good for you for teaching them. Those are important skills some kids do not learn anymore!

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