Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer lovin'...I love LA

This summer I took a some time off to spend with kiddos during their vacation.

We took in the tourist spots around LA.
Mostly beachy ones, because I wanna be a billionaire so fricken bad...
I'd buy all of the things I never had, including a house on the beach...
It's another fantasy of mine...

I had just taken Teen 1 for the haircut she'd been begging for
The latest fashion trend, I suppose
And although many people think I'm crazy for letting her do it,
#1- I figured it was better than a tattoo or another home done piercing
#2- I grew up in the 80's and I've seen lots of crazy hair dos
#3- If she had the balls to do it, and wasn't concerned with the stares and glares, I'd give her my permission

(It does look alot better now, check out her picture now----->)
However after leaving the salon, I figured Orange County beaches probably weren't the way to go.

I'd take her to the beach of misfits
You guessed it,
Venice Beach!
Naturally, The Boy being the cool kid that he is, sported his "shark hair" that day to fit in.
It was really some great people watching.
Oh sheesh, now that I think about it, I bet people were people watching me.
tsk, tsk,tsk, did you see that lady and her misfit children, I could hear them saying.
Why would she allow her children to form their hair in such shapes?!
ahem, I digress.
I was in awe of all the artist there that seemed to make their living off of their creations.
We walked around f or a couple hours,
and took in all the sites.
We bargained with some vendors and walked away empty handed.
The Boy begged me to let him watch the freak show, but sorry Mama was not gonna pay $5 to see the two headed dog. I was a bit freaked out by the turtle.
I almost got lured into a few marijuana "clinics"
Why yes, my back does hurt! I was thinking...
We enjoyed some lunch on the beach and came home with a few of these treasures(not the Mary jane just in case you were wondering!)

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