Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If You Give The Boy a Water Balloon

He'll want you to throw it at him.
And if you have an arm like mine,
you'll miss and it'll pop on the grass.

He'll be sad and you'll promise to soak him with water on Saturday morning.
Saturday morning will come, but you won't want to put clothes on to go in the front yard.
You'll send The Teenager in the front yard with The Boy
and instruct her to soak him with the water hose at 9:30.
You'll take The Boy to Target later that day and come accross more waterballoons.
You'll make more empty promises to have a water fight with him later that day.
It's Saturday, so you'll have to take him to a birthday party and by the time you get home,
you'll be too tired.
He'll talk you into calling his Auntie to tell her a story about a "special girl" he saw at Target
and explain to his Auntie that she needs to go to Target to teach her sign language.
Amidst the conversation, he'll invite her over for a Water Fight Party.
He'll then invite one cousin,
then another,
then his uncle,
he'll invite his grandma.
He'll set up a time for the party- After lunch he'll tell them.

They'll all ask him what his mommy is making for lunch.
After lunch, you'll try to explain!
Sunday morning, you'll buy MORE water balloons.
You'll text more cousins to let them know of the impending party.
You'll go from store to store to find a Slip N Slide at the end of August.
You'll have to talk your hubby out of buying the Giant Kingpin chair at Big 5.
Yes, you know it's cool, but it's $100 you exclaim!

One balloon
turns into buckets of balloons
Buckets of balloons turn into sleds full of balloons
AND water guns for all
Balloons and water guns
turn into slip n sliding on a hot August Summer day.

Freinds and neighbors join in on the fun.
Food is grilled and eaten because you know-
you simply can't have a party without food
Cousins get wet and messy,
they chill out and dry on a "Magic Carpet"
One balloon will turn into a lifetime of memories.

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Joie said...

Aaaaww I LOVE IT!!! Look at ALL of our crazy babies & I know they had a blast. We need to do this more best memories are w/ my cousins! We always said we'd keep it tight & we did!!!! =) Thank you Ethan for planning the water party & to mommy & daddy for going along w/ it. lol

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