Monday, October 11, 2010

I hate it when Monday…

I hate it when I haven’t blogged in so long,
I feel like nothing is good enough to be the beginner blog,
something to reel my readers back in.
Oh faithful followers, thanks for staying tuned in.

I hate it when I realize that Real whipped cream is ONLY 15 calories a serving. Seriously, 15 calories. I’ve been saying no whipped for all these years over 15 measly calories!! Bring it on!!

I hate it when exercise feels good while you’re doing it,
however the pain suddenly onsets within minutes of stopping.
I did a 5 minute training/try out with the new Reebok Traintone shoes.
They feel amazing when you’re wearing them,
(and I wouldn't mind having an ass like that)
but afterward,
holy cow!
I couldn’t sit, stand up, walk up or down the stairs,
I could hardly reposition my legs in the middle of the night…
I’m well into 24 hrs afterward and I’m still feeling the burn!
Now hubby, don’t get me wrong, I still want a pair *wink*wink*

I hate it when you take the kids shopping and you tell them, ok THIS IS IT!
This is the LAST thing you’re getting for weeks you spoiled little (so maybe I just thought that)
But then the next store you go to has a really GOOD deal,

or you remember that they did actually need that one thing.
Then you gotta say it again…Ok, that’s it, this is the last thing!
Not such a great lasting impression…uggghhh…

I hate it when you have a great tried and true recipe for something
but decide to try a new recipe anyway
I've been working on cooking more during the week,
which is hard to do after getting home from work,
cleaning up, homework, etc.etc..
But I actually cooked Mon-Thurs night last week.
One night I was craving meatloaf and mashed potatoes.
Hubby was a bit leary, but I promised it would be good.
After all, I grew up on meat loaf, I know what I'm doing, I explain
Why, oh why didn't I use Grandma Long's recipe?!
I admit, I made a mistake trying to take on a different family's recipe.

I hate it when you have talks with the teenagers about hard to talk about stuff
I hate the anxiety,
I hate having to come up with the right words
At the right time
Without trying to make it seem like you’re trying to have “the Talk”
Teenage girls…why couldn’t you just stay toddlers FOREVER…
I wouldn’t mind talking about Cookie Monster, shapes, and colors for the rest of your life.

And I especially hate when I realize my baby boy is trying to impress little girls!
The Boy and I were riding our bikes home from the park yesterday,
this Boy was going full speed,
I had a hard time keeping up (especially after the damn Reebok training)
that was until he saw the little girl sitting on her skateboard,
(I think that alone was enough to make his heart skip a beat)
He built up enough speed,
took his feet off of his pedals,
and balanced himself on his rear pegs as he rode past her….
All I could do was smile, showoff!


Cheeseboy said...

Your exercise hurts after? Mine is all about hurting while I do it. Oh, it hurts after, but it hurts during too.

I still do that to my wife when we are riding our bikes.

kimberly said...

how dare you stray from gramma long's meatloaf. you can't go wrong with crackers, hard boiled eggs and ketchup!!!

Makk said...

Nice to see that you have updated your pics along with post.

Happy Familing..!

( familing is not a dictionary word I guess lolzzzz)

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