Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Good News is the Bad News

I went for my MRI results today,
he asks if I want the good news
or the bad news
but actually the good news was the bad news.

The MRI appeared normal.
There was slight bulging
but not enough to irritate a nerve root he says.
It's quite baffling, he continues
as he rotates my neck around in various motions
To the side, does this hurt?
No, not really.
Well how about when you raise your arm?
Like this?
No, nothing.

It could be that when you're leaning on your desk you hit that nerve and it makes your pinkie tingle, he explains, as he is pointing to "the funny bone".

Ok Doc, I get it, you're pulling things out of the air now.
But that wouldn't make your neck hurt? again with the baffled look.
Well let's just continue with the physical therapy for your flare ups.
um...flare ups of WHAT???!!!!
And if it still doesn't get better, you can see the spine specialist.
All your symptons appear to be a neck problem, but we'll check your spine too.

Now the hypochondriac starts to think of other disesases that it could possibly be.
I've been checked for arthritis, and that was negative so that's good.

So I kept myself busy pulling loads of weeds.
Seriously loads!
Filled my trashcan up half way.
Weeding is one of those things that sounds good for about the first 2 minutes!
Too bad the job took over an hour and a half!
But the flower bed looks lovely, I must say.

After that, I tore The Boy's room apart.
Purged the closets and have a good size bag to donate to the needy.
Hung up his skateboard shelf,

Question- how exactly are you supposed to get anchors in the wall?

That was another thing that sounded like a good idea for the first 2 minutes!

Good news is I took this week off, so I've been able to rest my arm,shoulder, neck issue.
Bad news, I gotta work for the rest of my life!!!

I can just hear it like the sound of Arnold in my ear...
I'll be back

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