Thursday, August 26, 2010

You think you’re cooler than me

When your kids are young, they adore everything you do.
There’s nothing you can do that doesn’t make them laugh.
They accept all your hugs and kisses.
They hold your hand as you walk through the store
(unless they’re hiding from you in the clothes racks…
Ugghh, I hate when he does that!!)

The Boy is on the cusp of turning 5 and he already won’t kiss me at daycare.

Now, they all look at me like I’m some kind of freak when I sing along to their songs!
Sorry girls, but you used to think I was Mariah fricken Carey!

Today The Girls called me at work with the radio blaring in the background
Mom, do you like Pitbull?
Why, I ask (they’re always some ulterior motive with teenagers)
You’re gonna make fun of me aren’t you? I ask with hesitation.
No, we’re not.
Yes, I do. I admit proudly.
I could hear the snicker in Teen 1’s voice.
Yeah, Teen 2 said you probably knew all the words to this song!, she says.

Whatever!! So what, your mama still likes to shake her booty when she hears music!!
Next time, I will learn all the words and rap along with him!

Then there’s the days that they call me to say they’re going on a bike ride.
You better not ride MY bike! I remind them each time.

M O M!!
N O O N E wants to ride your bike!

Seriously, I have
The COOLEST bike in the whole house!
What do they mean?!

I mean seriously, look at this thing. People look at me with envy in their eyes when they see me riding this sweet piece of machinery down the street!

There are times when I walk into their room to check myself out in the mirror
Only to realize that we’re pretty much wearing the same outfit!

Ha, you think you’re cooler then me…
You dress just like me?!

I won’t mention that this is MY hat she’s wearing!
It's probably because you think you're cooler than me!
*wink* love you girls


Cheeseboy said...

That bike is seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen. I wonder if there is a boy version?

I teach first grade just so that there is always SOME kids that think I am cool, even if my own think I'm a dork.

Brooke said...

janelle!! i have this same color bike!!!

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