Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Unlimited text messages

I know texting is "the thing" to do

I get it

So of course being a mom of 2 teenage girls, I opt for unlimited text messaging

#1. We will avoid a hefty bill and any "surprises" at the end of the month

#2. We will avoid confrontations from #1

#3. It gives me something to take away when teenagers don't act right!

What I didn't get was how they used so many texts

until I begin to receive text conversations like this:

her: Mom what day is the party

me: Sunday

her: Ok, can we go

me: Yes

her: What time is the party?

me: 12

her: ok

her again: have a good day at work

her again: bye love you

me: love you too

her: okay

her again: bye

3:30 pm

her: mom can you make me a black tutu

me: i can show you how

her: ok

her again: okay alright well thanks i will let you go

her again: okay bye

her again: bye

Are we supposed to say ok and bye 5 times before we stop texting?

Am I the only one that doesn't do this?

I crack up every time she does this, thank goodness for unlimited text messaging!


kimberly said...

i think i know who "HER" is!! hahaaa what a love bug =)

Queenie Jeannie said...

P.S.I'm not sure if I'm going to keep my Etsy store. The fees are really high and I've only sold one card. I might just sell on ebay instead. HOWEVER if you want a card, or need me to ever make cards for you, just email me and I'd be happy to work with you!

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