Friday, May 29, 2009

Your calling is calling

As I sit at the desk of my day job, day in and day out
I wonder to myself...what is your calling??
I remember when I was a little girl and my mom would come home
after a full days work,
dressed all snazzy in her skirt suit, nylons, and highheels,
drop her keys on the credenza,
cook dinner for the family,
make sure our chores were done
(and pull down our pants and spank us if they weren't!!)
I remember thinking that was what I was supposed to do
that's what I was supposed to grow up to be
So I had my children and I followed in the footsteps
Worked hard to make myself a name in the industry
learned all that I could learn
and excelled as much as I could
So now I'm here working this job that others in the industry have dreamed of
but is this it?
Is this what I'm gonna do for the next 30 years?
If it is, that's ok
I mean my mom's worked here for 20...
(yes, I work with my mom...oh the joys!!)
the pay is outstanding
benefits are the best I've ever had
but do I have a calling?
Am I supposed to be doing something I really truly love and enjoy?
Then off I go on the internet loving sites like etsy that showcase the amazing talents of all
And I become inspired...
inspired to try my hand at some of the talents
So for a while I sold these on ebay...
well obviously not this one because it's from my wedding
but custom made hand painted aisle runners

and unique card boxes for weddings that weren't all padded and full of lace and satin

more of a modern and sometimes funky, set to the theme of your wedding boxes

(this was made by my sister & I for the lovely Amanda's wedding) But working with brides can be scary

especially a bride you've never met before

who's buying your goods on ebay...

dum da dum dum is the feeling you feel when you get an email from them

although all received were nice and pleasent

(except the girl who said I should tell her which way to unroll the roll because her wedding party unrolled it on the wrong side...ummm...yeah, I guess the letters being backwards wasn't the clue?!)
so those were seized out of the dreaded fear that one day that might just change!

Then I try to encourage my lil 'ster to sell her amazing cakes and cupcakes
like my amazing 80's Bday Ms. pacman cake
with the most awesomest cupcakes ever!or these sweet little flowers that she gave us for mom's day
yes, my friends, they were just as yummy as they were cute

and then I search and search more
usually because I want to shop but can't
and shopping online is sort of like window shopping for me...
makes me feel good and warm in side to fill up my cart but not actually buy anything

I find all these fabulous things and think...we can do this....
So we conspire to make clothes,
bags, burpcloths, blankies
everything we see at the swap meet and dream that we can make
so this was our first attempt at sewing...
This is a "recycled" shirt crossbody bag/purse
much cuter in person of course!
But then it's not really selling material, and did I really love, love, love making it?
So here I am sitting at my desk (yes still)
is my calling calling???


Wendy said...

Cute bag! I have no insights on the calling, though. I'm still struggling with that one myself!

Lady Jane said...

Thanks for commenting at Tova's!! I love meeting new people. Your family is soooo beautiful!! I a give you much credit for having a 15 year old... I'm 33 and I feel like I can barely take care of myself!! I work that age group... God love them... But they are a handful!! Btw... I tried following you but it wouldn't let me. I'll try later!!

kimberly said...


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