Monday, June 8, 2009

Party Pooper

Talk about a weekend full of partying...and this aint no college party partyin'
this is some serious 4 year old party action going on!!
And really, how much fun would it be to just have 1 party in a weekend
I think 4 parties in one weekend is WAY funner!

This little guy was made for the preteens bday friend!
Ever since I learned about this talent, her friends will not be receiving any other gift...sorry!!
you give my daughter $50, i'm giving your daughter a monster made out of a sock!
It's the thought that counts right?!
(and who the hell gives their kid's friend $50 as a gift??!!,
you're setting the standards way too high! I mean, thanks!)
Next morning we were up early for Santi's bday party
Santi is the boy's BFF!
They've known each other since the boy was 4 months old and now he's 3 1/2 so that's a lifetime
Sandra of course is his "mommy", his first love, the best daycare provider you'll find!
She's loved our boy like he was her own from day one.
The boy stopped going to her last Sept,
but still talks about them everyday as if he still sees them.
He was able to spend the night last week.
He cried 'til he fell asleep when we left...that was over his excitement to see me, I'm sure!
We had to rush him out of that party and on the road to make little cousin Kaeden's party!
No pics because it was one of those organized jumpy places, once I took my shoes off and stuffed all my goods in the little cubicle, I didn't look back (or go back for my camera)
It was a ton of fun and quite surprised Ethan was able to stay awake for the whirlwind of partyin'

As we left that party, I asked the boy if he had fun

Yes, he answered.

I said, I'm pooped son, how bout you?

NO!! (with a look of disgust)

Did you poop your pants mom??!!!

Now just you wait, cause the partying was not over!
Kim was over later THAT night and we were up til midnight
(yes the boy stayed up the whole time)
while Kim made this fab DJ Lance cake - wikee wikee (that's me scratching on the turntables)
and I attempted to roll out Airheads to make monsters
I want you all to try and roll out an Airhead!
It's sort of like licking your cotton candy
then trying to fluff it back up with your fingers
FUN i tell you!
It was all for the love of that little Kaia Papaya
The monster party went off without a hitch and we had a blast!
We had to get a picture of us before we looked tired and sweaty
That's my dad and all his girls
Oh, check out Sammi's iron on, too cute!!
And here's the little monster children coloring monsters. See why we're pooped!


Mr. and Mrs. Happily-ever-after said...

Those cupcakes are too cute!

kimberly said...

love the signature!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Yo Gabba Gabba party, lol! My Bella loves that show too and I have no idea why!!! It's soooo weird!

MOMSWEB said...

You're a great pooped out party mama (smile).

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