Monday, June 29, 2009

Beach Comber

At this awesome resort they have their own private beach on the river.
It's really quite cool! Sandy man made beach on the river
Fully equipped with cabanas to shade you from the desert sun.
Being that we have 7 familes, 5 small kids under 5, and a buttload of teenagers we decide we need 2 cabanas! Everyone at the resort has warned us that we need to be down there at the crack of dawn to save a cabana.
So the mom's of the group decide we'll meet at 5am, oh yeah, you read that right, 5AMOf course being that we are staying at a casino, this it's not so easy to fall asleep at a decent our, so I think most of them were not in bed until 2am. None the less, 5am, let the texting begin...
you up yet?
coming down?
let's go
5:15am , here I am at the bottom of the elevator, with bamboo mats, beach bag full of towels & snacks, bathing suit and slippers. My sister and cousin are resting their heads against the wall, desk, or whatever their heads seem to land on!

We get down to the beach, WHAT? We're the ONLY ones out here? Great, we get our pick of cabanas.
So we start with the two closest to the steps...plop our stuff down
Ummm...this looks to close to the traffic that may launch their seados
Trek,trek, trek - in the sand!! to the other side of the beach, plop our stuff down
Ummm....look at all those rocks before you get into the water, that's gonna hurt the babies feet!
Trek, trek, trek- now we're in the middle of the beach
No rocks
No traffic
So we lay out our towels and beach mats, put the bags down and try to arrange everything in a fashion that says, these are MY spots!
So off my sister and cousin go - to lay their heads back down with the little ones.

I'm awake and there's no way I can fall back asleep, so I'll hold down the cabanas til the clan arrives...
About 5 minutes later, the beach rakers arrive. Now picture these machines with a piece of metal gate attached to the back. They proceed to drive back and forth along the beach, picking up pieces of trash as they see them. I'm thinking how nice it is that this place keeps all of their facilities so tidy.
That is until crazy beach comber man starts picking up speed...
faster and faster he begins to take his loops around the beach
Mind you, I've been relaxing for the past 10 minutes or so, taking lovely pictures of the sunrise
from this angle
and this angle I'm keepin an eye on beach comber aman nd let me tell you, that's a good thing because he grabs a hold of one of our beautifully laid out towels with his gate!
Hey, my towel!!! Arms flailing...I'm running
He doesn't even look my way!
I know he's got to come around
So I turn around and start running the other way...
Arms flailing (in front of him this time)
He stops his machine.
Turns around.
Now he sees that he has my beautiful blue beach towel (well actually my cousins) that has just been drug thru the sand at 40mph on one side of his gate and a piece of PVC pipe has grabbed onto the other. Then this strange evil laugh comes out of his mouth...
He never looks at me or makes any sort of notion that I'm there
I race to get my towel out from the grips of his gate as fast as I can.
Awww, success! just in time
Because off he goes again at 40 mph!
And if that wasn't bad enough...

by 9am we bring the little ones down to the beach thinking about what a great day we're gonna have in the sun and sand.
As I'm walking to the beach, the boy is complaining that he doesn't want sand in his shoes and wants to go to the pool...
Kim, Kaia, and Shaedon are already at the beach
Kaia is asking when we're going back to the hotel
Shae is 1 so he's throwing sand at the kids cause it's fun
The birds pecked open my bag of chips as we tried to show the kids the water
Needless to say by 9:15 we were packed up and headed back to the pool!

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kimberly said...

each time i hear the story... his laugh gets more evil and more loud!! haahaHAHAHHAHAhahahahahaaaaa!!!

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