Thursday, June 4, 2009

Monster Mash

That little Papaya girl is having her 4th bday party this weekend.
Since I'm her favorite auntie and all -
I've gotta create her a fabulous present!

It's a Monster Party so she's getting a clan of monsters!
These were my first attempts at figuring out that sewing machine mom just gave me
but alot of it was handstitched too
"TooToo" is her name cause she is just too too cute!
made from one of Kaia's old t-shirts.
I made Kaia a matching tutu so they can be monster princesses together! Of course my boy would not let me make Kaia monsters without making him one too
So meet "Patch" - he wards off bedtime monsters!

We'll call her "Frankie"
I'm obsessed with opening up my lab to create my monsters when I get home from work
I can't clean up and cook dinner fast enough!

Last night "One-da" was born
I was tempted to call her Octo-mom
but she's had enough glory
I think she might be my favorite (shhh don't tell the others)

Of course the boy knows they must all have the glamour shots after being born
so he grabbed them and set them all up for their photo shoot
he's become quite the photographer
I thought he had put them in time out
But he said "they're hiding from me"
I love 3 year old brains!
Happy Birthday Kaia Papaya


Amanda said...

I love Frankie!! These are really cute!

MOMSWEB said...

Oh my goodness! You ARE a great auntie! These are TooToo wonderful (smile).

Tara said...

I LOVE These!!! so so so cute!!!

Shari@aPsychMommy said...

Those are super cute! She's obviously lucky to have such a cool auntie!

Dot said...

what a wonderful party idea!

Thanks for stopping by Dabbled... sorry I didn't have any monster party ideas - but I'm glad you liked the dragon cake! (I'll be doing a tutorial, but the techniques would work for alot of things, not just dragons)


Queenie Jeannie said...

Super cute hun! Love 'em!!

kimberly said...

wow... you're quite the comment gatherer!! hahaaa... i can't believe you made these so fast. you've been hiding away in your monster lab!! hahaaa... (ps. i love tootoo)

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