Thursday, June 25, 2009

We Are F A M I L Y

This past weekend we gathered up all the kinfolk and had our
1st Annual Family Reunion
Now the funny part about this is that we actually all live within 12 miles of each other
and we probably have dinner together a few nights a month if not per week
But hey, this is just another reason to PARTY
(and if you read my blogs, you know we love to partay)
And what would a party be without goody bags?
So for the little ones they received the little blow up swimmers, an apple, and some cookies

And the adults received boredum busters, snacks, tylenol, and oh yeah...
We told you guys DO NOT joke about wearing speedo thongs around the pool!
Mom took it to a whole new level and brought embroidered thongs
as Father's Day gifts to all the fellas

Meet "Corny's Cob" "Nappy Head"
"Isy Big"

And my spicy hubby "Tapatio Rivas"

One of the first things we noticed as we entered the bathrooms on the main floor is this:

I was quite a bit freaked out and thought I had just planned this Family Reunion at a junkie hotel
But after walking around and viewing the patrons, I realized this was retirement heaven!
whehhh...what a relief!

Most of our time was spent down at the pool - RELAXING!
They had a fabulous pool for the kiddies so you could let your children roam without worrying
A seperate pool for the older kids and another for the adults
Ater having dinner we'd all commence at the pool again...
I said candid shots, they think that means pose!
Sat night we were able to get all the teenagers to watch the little ones and had "Date Night"
This is our final night, and we're probably missing about 1/3 of the people in this shot!
Told ya' there's alot of us!
Here's to the beginning of summer and making alot more memories!

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