Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday’s ramblings…

Remember that Biker Babe jacket I told you about…
Well it showed delivered on Friday afternoon.
I got home and searched everywhere…
It was nowhere to be found…
And is still nowhere to be found…

Wanna know what else…
It was the last one in stock!


Guess that means when we get our money back, I get to go on a new search…
Where does The Boy get all this energy from.
Boys are so different from girls.
I had no idea!
Noone warned me!
With the girls, they would sit quietly in their room and play dolls
Watch Barney and dance along
But The Boy, he jumps on and off of every piece of furniture
Wants to ride, skate, skooter,
Do wheelies, pretend the curbs are ramps
Play basketball, football,
Hot potato
This weekend he wanted to help me clean
So I let him spray some Fabreeze in his room while I finished the vacuuming that he started
I gave him a nearly full bottle (my first mistake)
He handed me back a bottle that was only ¼ full.
When Hubby and I headed for his room,
he told us “Be careful, it’s slippery in there!”
scary part is his room is carpet!!
Yep, it still smells pretty fresh 3 days later!
Teen 2 and I got up early to make a Forever 21 grand opening sale.
They were handing out free giftcards and a coupon to be used.
Too bad the directions only put us in the middle of the city.
A city that I’m not familiar with at all!
Since it’s a new store, it’s not in my GPS
Needless to say by the time we got there, the giftcards were gone!
However, we had the coupon and got some really cute things!
Summertime is around the corner!
Can’t wait for our Laughlin trip!!
There's NOTHING to do out there
but hang out by the pool
or the beach and lounge
and I love it
Forced relaxation
Teen 1 is applying for jobs around the city.
It scares me…
Just registered The Boy for kindergarten
They’re getting older….



Cheeseboy said...

Sitting by the pool for days is my favorite kind of vacation.

Vivianne said...

Hot biker jackets! Have fun shopping! You should check shopbop.com or netaporter.com for really gorgeous online shopping.

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