Friday, April 9, 2010

Home coming...

Hubby went straight from work to dinner
with an old friend the other night.

I have no problem with it.
The Boy on the other hand is a different story.

I was able to keep him busy most of the night
shuttling him and the girls from store to store
as we ran errands.

But anytime he had a free moment,
He would start in with the questioning,
Where’s Daddy?
When is he coming home?

I would reply, Daddy went with a friend.
He’ll be home soon Son.

Shower time came and went.

He wanted to call his Daddy.
I let him send some text messages and smiley faces.

Then it was bedtime.

I put him in his bed,
turned on the TV,
and sat at the computer desk across his room.

He watched TV for a while
Then I heard the unhappy exhale


He began as he lay there on his pillow
looking up at the ceiling
with one leg crossed over the other…

I think Daddy’s gonna spend the night at his friends house tonight.

What’dya say Son?

I think Daddy’s gonna spend the night at his friends house tonight Mom.
He’s not coming home, he continued on with such disappointment.

I chuckled, Yes, he’s coming home Son.

It seemed almost instantaneously
that we heard the roar of Hubby’s motorcycle

He jumped up outta bed
and ran full speed to the front door.

My Daddy’s home.
I’m so excited! He shouted!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Awwwww! That's so sweet!!!

(I was sort of panicking at first....I thought something was up with you two! So happy now!!)

mommaruth said...

Aww, that's too precious for words - this is why I need a boy!

My husband needs a boy like this waiting on him at home ('cause SidMo is all mine!)....

Nana said...

Little kids are just too cute!

MOMSWEB said...

And one day Daddy will be waiting for the son to come home by curfew! LOL!

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