Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Bomb

Every afternoon when I pick up The Boy from preschool
he asks with excitement, Did you bring me a special treat?

No, is my usual reply.

But he still asks with such enthusiasm
day in and day out

On very rare occasion
I do bring him a special treat
(usually because someone brought something into the office
so I grab one for him

On this particular day, someone brought in coffee cake
The extra yummy kind with strawberry filling
And cream cheese topping
Well on second thought, I guess that would be a Danish, huh?
Ok so on this particular day, someone brought in a giant Danish cake.

I heard one of the older ladies say, This is THE BOMB!
As she oohhhed and aaahhhed over this cake

I took a slice, wrapped it up
and fought with my inner demons
the whole hour long drive home
as they continued to taunt me to eat this treat.

I admit, I did unwrap it on occasion
to take a look at this yummy goodness
and I did think about telling The Boy
No, no special treat today, as usual.

But it made it the whole way home.

And when he asked me for a special treat this day.
I said, Yes, I do have a special treat for you today.

I unwrapped it and described this treat
it's a coffee cake Son(yes at that time that’s what I thought it was)
it full of strawberry
and cream cheese
and it is yummy.

I let him open it up and enjoy his treat on the ride home.

I asked him if it was good.
He replied, Yep…mmmm hmmmm.

Is it The Bomb, I asked?


The Bomb.
The lady at work said it’s The Bomb.

What’s The Bomb mean?

It means, it’s the best!
It’s better than good.

Is this the best cake you ever had?

No!!!! (I could hear the "duh" tone in his voice)

Ok fine, I’m old.
maybe “The Bomb” is outdated slang
and Coffee Cake is only the bomb when you’re old enough to drink coffee.

3 days later when he came home from school
He was so excited to tell me all about the cupcakes he made.

They were chocolate Mom
we got to put frosting on top
and sprinkles too
They were The Bomb!


Cheeseboy said...

Da Bomb is already outdated? I am so old.

Your blog is very cool.

Beloved Borderland said...

choco beat coffee any day lol

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