Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesdays...Cuts by Cousin

he's cracking up hilariously as he walks down the stairs
Kaia cut my hair
Hahahahahaaaaaa...he continues
We all turn and look at him
and the pieces of hair in his hand
It takes a minute to register...
She cut his hair!
A little from the middle
and a little from the front!
I ask,What did your Cousin say, can I cut your hair?
He nods, she said Sir
and I said SURE, he quickly replies with a big smile.
It's a good thing he just got a new hat!


sunshine said...

LOL! That's a part of most kids life, I remember my cousin did it to brother too!

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

So far, that has not happened in our house, but I know it will. I better have the hats on hand.

He still looks the hat too!

kimberly said...

i think he owes us $12. we don't give out haircuts for free around here!!

Johnny said...

I think you owe us 26 dollars for the hat we had to buy!!...haha

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