Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic…Biker Babe

Hubby drives a Honda CBR
aka Street Bike
aka Crotch Rocket

I must admit, I think it's pretty hot.

And I wanna be a Biker Babe
I wanna be this hot girl
In the tight jeans
And gorgeous boots
With a jacket that fits in all the right places
The girl that pulls off her helmet so sexy
with all her long flowing hair
Shaking and falling
to land just
P E R F E C T…


This past Valentines Day,
I asked him to take me on a ride
So I could be that
Hot Biker Babe


The reality of it was
I don’t have a cute jacket
So I had to wear one of his jackets
Uggh…men’s cut
Instead of being tight in all the right places
It’s big and bulky

It’s leather,
Which only means it’s
REALLY HOT (literally)

Then I have to wear his gloves
So now I have man hands to top it off.

I put on my helmet
And I think…
I’m g o n n a pass out….

I am wearing some cute jeans
But the whole time I'm worried
My butt crack was on display

Whenever we would stop at a red light
I would look over and see people looking at us
And all I could think about was
My butt is hanging out!

Oh and before I forget to mention this...

I’ll tell you that my head bumps into hubby’s
everytime we stop or accelerate


This is so not the picture I had in mind.

When I take off my helmet,
I feel like I’ve got helmet hair.

Oh well, at least I've got a cute helmet!

We rode to have breakfast by the marina
Then cruised along the beach

On the way home,
I learned how not to bump heads.

And how to hold on tight and lean with him.

After all the stress and unsexyness- it was fun.

But next time I wanna be the Biker Babe.

Which lead me to my search-

I found Levi’s Skinny Jeans for Curvy girls.
These things are amazing!
If you have a larger derriere
And thicker thighs…
Say built like Beyonce
(wink wink)
These jeans are for you.

And I found my own jacket
No more manly build
This sweet jacket was marked down from $149.99
To only $49.99

At http://www.motorcyclesuperstore.com/

There's no more though,sorry!

Although I would to have one of these sexy things...

This beauty is $239.50,

I just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for something I'd hardly wear.

This sexy curvy thing might need to get a savings started for $157.99

Now if I only I can find some new boots!



Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Is that all our dream or what?..lol. My husband use to have a bike and should have another one by the end of the year. I better save for my gear.

We ride dirt bikes, so of course, I have all my gear for that...stuff is expensive!

Cori said...

Hi There:

I LOVE your blog design. I'm working with Jill from SneakyMomma and saw your blog in her portfolio. It's so much fun, yet easy to follow and ready. Love the colors too!

I would like to ask you how you make the labels box with the different font and size font in the box. Can't figure that one out. I use blogger.

I'm a new follower too!

Nice to meet you,
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