Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beauty or The Beast

This past Sunday afternoon, I warn the Teenagers -
I’m leaving for Forever 21 in 10 minutes.
So if you wanna join me, you better be ready.

I did mention, it was already the afternoon – they should have already been ready!

So my 10 minute warning turns into an actual 15 minutes
Which prompts me to a yell out a 2 minute warning,
of course, this naturally means 10.
They know the routine.
We go through this every morning as I threaten to leave them!

We pull up to the mall parking lot after our 15 minute drive.
Teen 2 still needs to change into the extra outfit
that she grabbed as we ran out of the door
because what she was wearing apparently wasn’t “Mall Material”.
I run inside and tell them to meet me when they’re ready.

I meet up with my sister who’s looking for some new winter gear
then The Teenagers join us.
They already have a scowl on their faces and the slump in their back.

Don’t just stand next to me, I say, go look for something.
Well can we get anything? They ask.
Yes, you’ve got $15 ea. Go find something.

And we part ways.

I run into The Teenagers 5 more times while in this brand new two-story shopaholics dream/nightmare of a store while the music is blaring(am I getting old?!)

Each time I see them, the same scowl, the same slump.

What have they found?

NOTHING, they’ve found nothing.

I on the other hand have scored a deal,
so I pay for my cute new dress and we leave the store.

I give them another opportunity,
would you like to go somewhere else I ask as they text away.
I must’ve been in a giving patient mood.

So Teen 2 wants to go into Charlette Russe.
We circle the sale racks, try clothes on, I up my dollar amount and yet again-
I’ve found something,
they found - NOTHING!
Same scowl, same slump

Now I’m feeling torn.
Irritated that they’re not finding anything and still slumping.
But guilty that now I’ve got two shopping bags to their nothing.

Again I offer, another store?
(hey, I got a dress and a blazer for $10 ea, I’m on a roll)

We go to Parrallel- NOTHING
Foreign Exchange- NOTHING
Some shoe store - NOTHING
Styles for Less – Teen 2 breaks down and gets a scarf

We’re just about to leave the mall so I ask out of irritation,
All these stores and you guys can’t find one thing?

They look at each other with that sisterly smirk.


Well… they begin.
We like that skirt that Auntie had in Forever 21.


We were scared, they say as they giggle.


Because….more giggling…we call you The Beast!
We’re scared to ask you anything.
We call you The Beast in a good way though Mom.

A good way? I’m perplexed.

However, I continue to rant for another 5 minutes about buying them the skirts,
and another 5minutes about them asking me to pick up their friend and drop them off at the mall 15 minutes before I have to drive 45 minutes for a surprise party the day before.
I get it.

So sometimes, I can be a Beast.
Hope I’m at least a big loveable Beast

Thanks Girls.



kimberly said...

hahahaaaa... when i was little i used to sing a little song about us. it goes "Beauty and Janelle" (to the tune of ... well you know)!!

ps- the skirt was like $5.50 =)

sunshine said...

LOL! That's pretty funny!
BTW, you know that you posted a picture of Monsters Inc. instead of Beauty & the Beast, right?

WhisperingWriter said...


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These are the stories of our lives…