Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reason or Warning

As a celebration of getting rid of my clunker
and acquiring my sweet new ride
we decided to take a day trip to one of our
favorite little spots
Old Town San Diego
It’s a quaint little town
Where you can watch torillas being made
and eat some of the best carnitas north of the border
View some great old style Mexican art
Crank the machine for your souvenir smashed penny
And the trip just wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the candy store
There are buckets, baskets, and bins full of every sugary confection your little heart desires
Which leads to tough decision making for the kiddies
And, well, with me being the beastly great mother that I am
I want to help The Boy choose the right treat for the ride home
in Mama’s brand new car.

Shall we get the chocolate?
NO way
Or maybe the little candy dots that always sticks to the paper?

Oooh how bout this?
Lookey here at this candy snake!
It’s red, your favorite color Son.
And the packaging clearly reads:
“DON’T get your hands sticky!”

This, my boy, IS. THE. WINNER!

So we buy this sugary goodness
And I begin to unwrap the treat as we’re walking out the store
all while The Boy is jumping by my side in anticipation.


Have I been tricked?!

Are you kidding me?
This is one GIANT foot long red sucker?

I was under the clear impression that this was NOT supposed to get your hands dirty.

Well as I unwrapped what I thought would be a toy covered lollipop
Was actually the whole lollipop itself!

I read the packaging to say-
Hey Moms around the world, this is great because your kids will not get their hands dirty!

However everyone else in my family read it as-
(insert sarcastic tone here) Don’t get your hands dirty

So if you come across this sweet treat
And your reasoning for buying
Are those tricky little words…
You’ve been warned!

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