Saturday, March 6, 2010

I’ll take #1 please

I had the pleasure of taking Teen 1 and
The Boy to the Dr. for physicals the other day.

The Boy needed 5 shots plus a finger prick.
He’s going to start Kindergarten this year
and he’s getting prepared.

The next morning The Boy’s teacher called
to let me know that his arm was really red and warm to touch.

We iced his arm when we came home and
gave him some Tylenol for the pain.
I checked vaccination reactions online and
ran him by the local pharmacy just for safe checking.

Day 2- We iced and Tylenoled before school
however by 9:30 his teacher called to say that he
was still in pain and asking for more medicine.

His whole upper arm is red, swollen, and warm to touch.

We head back to the Dr. to make sure
it’s just a common reaction.

His Dr. looked at his arm and massaged it a little.

He says, well it could be 3 things.

#1- Just a local reaction.
Give him some Motrin and Benadryl for the inflammation.
He should be fine in a couple days.

#2- If his arm begins to swell more and he has difficulty breathing.
Call 911!
Highly unlikely, vary rare.

(ok, seriously?! Trying not to look like a hypochondriac overprotective Mother)

#3- Bacteria infection
If it becomes bright red and is very sore to touch.
Go the ER.

(hmm…ok well those are great odds,
1 of the 3 options is not life threatening)

He continues
I think it’s #1,
but you remember the other two options right
Call 911
Or go to the ER

Ummm…yeah, thanks Doc.


Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

Ooh scary!! I hope the little guy will be okay soon! Hopefully it's just #1!!
5 shots? really? That's a lot!!

sunshine said...

Yeah, 5 shots all at once? Maybe next time he can get 2 and then 3, maybe 5 at a time it's too much for his little arm?
Hope he gets better soon, I will praying that diagnostic #1 will do and next update will be a good one, have a great weekend!

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