Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Said You Were The Bestest

We rushed home from work to make it to The Boys Preschool Open House,
Then rushed to the store and back home to fill his Easter goodies for tomorrows party.
Fed him dinner and wiped his butt after using the bathroom!
Threw him in the shower (a requirement after said bathroom usage)
He asked me to wash his body tonight which I like better than when he wants to do himself
Because #1 – I know it’s cleaned thoroughly
#2 – he’s in and out of the shower much faster

As I’m showering him, he looks at me and says so sweetly-
Mom, you’re the Bestest Mommy ever.
Awww, thank you Son. I reply.

Shortly thereafter, I tell The Boy he’s gotta go to bed
and he must stay in his own bed tonight.

We go into his room, tuck him in, and shut off the lights.

He looks at me with his little sad face, pouty lip, and says in a whiny tone of voice-
I said You were the Bestest Mommy ever, but you’re not anymore!
You said I have to sleep in my own bed and those are bad words!

We exchange a few words and I work on my computer across the room.
After a while I look over at him in his bed
and think about how warm that Spiderman blanket is looking
So I snuggle up next to him and lay my head on his pillow.

The Boy leans over to kiss me and whispers, I love you.
I think to myself, I must’ve won back my title
So I ask- Am I The Bestest Mommy Ever
He touches his little index finger to my nose and says
Yes, you are the Bestest Mommy…
Because you let me put my booger on your nose.



kimberly said...

awww... *tear*

Diane J. said...

Sweet...well until you got boogered. LOL.

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