Sunday, March 7, 2010


We received a big bag full of Girl Scout cookies this weekend.
The Boy says to me as I pass by
“Mom, if you give me a girl scout cookie,
I’ll buy you a super cute present for your birthday”
“What did you say Son?”
“I’ll buy you a Suuuper Cute birthday present” he says shyly.
How could I resist.

Of course I had to make him eat lunch before his cookie.
So that was my trade off.
Eat your lunch first son and Mama will give you a cookie.

So he sits up in the chair with his plate of dinosaur chicken
and a side cup of ranch
We also share a bowl of Eddiemommie, as he calls them. (soybeans)
He begins to dip his Edamame in his ranch.
The Boy looks at me and says,
“Mommy you should try this”
“No thanks Son. Looks kinda gross.”
“Mom, I trust you. You should trust me.” He says to me in all seriousness
*Heart melting…how could I resist

Then he snickers and smiles..."It is kinda gross, huh?!"

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