Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lost in translation

This evening on our ride home from preschool
we had a few errands to run
One of our errands including picking up a breast pump.
(hey, those things are expensive and they must be passed on)
The Boy begins in with his questions
"Where are we going?"
I quickly reply "I have to pick up a breast pump"
as soon as the words came out of my mouth
I began to kick myself for not making up something, anything else
"A breastapumper?"
"uh huh" I figure, if he's saying it wrong, noone will know. But his translation was pretty close on.
Is this something that I should really correct his pronunciation on?
I think not.
I run into the house grab it, and as I jump back in the car,
The Boy calls out "Is that the breastapumper?"
"Can I see it?" he asks.
So I hold the bag up and show him some bottles and bags as quick as possible.
"Can I hold it?" he continues.
"NO!" I have to draw the line somewhere!

Let's change the conversation Son.
"How was school today?"
"Good." his normal reply
"Does your boss give you homework at work?" he asks
I begin to explain "Ummm...well kinda, I have emails and stuff."
"Where does your boss live?" he continues with the questions.
"In Yorba Linda."
"OUR Belinda?" he asks
"No, YORBA Linda!" I say a litte louder and with more emphasis this time
"My Belinda or His Belinda?"


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MOMSWEB said...

LOLOL! I'm waiting for your book or to read these classic remarks somewhere! Tooo funny!

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