Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When it rains, it pours

Friday night began the little droplets of rain as I was in the left turning lane and this clever lady decides that she can squeeze her car past mine whether she had enough room or NOT!
Well she did NOT and she scraped along the side my car as I wailed on my horn.
She didn’t even glance my way.
I got out of my car as soon as the light turned red to confirm, yes, she did in fact scrape me.
As I proceed to tell her, she pulls the old “I don’t speak a word of English” on me.
At first she said she didn’t hit me.
Then she changed up her story to
“You should’ve moved over because I didn’t have enough room.”
That’s how her son translated it anyway.
The light turned green and off she sped.

I should’ve known then that it was time to pull out the old umbrella
cause the downpour was just beginning…

Saturday morning was full of errands and
I was so excited for my first party of the Valentine’s season scheduled later that night.
Had a great party but on my way home, the little droplets continued.
While I was coming down the hill my “service engine soon” light began to flash at me.
(It’s been on for over a year,
we’ve spent thousands of dollars on this car without any real solutions)
When I come to a red light the car begins to idle low and I’m worried I’m going to stall.
I do my best to avoid the reds even if it means making
unnecessary right turns and U turns the whole way home.
As I’m making the turn into my track, everything goes haywire.
More flashing lights and the dash warns me that I should “Check Transmission” too.

Here comes the thunder and lightining…

Monday morning we take the car into the shop and the first thing they want to fix will be $600. Yes, that’s before they check the transmission!

Holy geez, by now I’ve got on my coat and umbrella and some really cute rain boots.
Just waiting for the next storm to hit...

Teen 2 had spent the night at her friends and was walking home,
but the rain was pouring and the wind was howling.
I felt bad that I didn’t have a car to pick her up and decided I’d jump into to Hubby’s El Camino (the fixer up in the drive way)

As I got one house past ours, I was reminded as I heard the clunking and felt the thump of the tire that Hubby had mentioned his right tire was low.
I tried feverishly to put the car in reverse, but it just kept going forward.
I did the best park job I could a few houses down from ours.
I get out of the car to inspect the tire and then it dawns on me…
he actually said…
“These tires are too small for these rims”
Ummm…yeah, the tire was off of the rim!
Then the phone rings, it’s him!
Panic sets in.
Is he psychic??!!
What am I going to say??!!
It poured down rain for the next 5 hours I couldn’t even try to push this car home to hide the evidence!!
Needless to say, I got the silent treatment for a while!

(Oh yeah, Teen 2 looked like a soaking wet puppy by the time she made it home)

The dealer didn’t have the parts in stock,
so I’m rolling around in a rental car for the next few days,
hoping the sun will shine down soon.


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Queenie Jeannie said...

OH man!!! That just really sucks!! You should have pulled over and called the cops. Hit and run is so not ok, whether you speak English or not! Get her plate and call the cops!!!

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