Monday, October 19, 2009

Who's Arguing?

It’s funny to watch the way 4 year old brains try to figure out what people are saying.
They translate bigger or unfamiliar words into words that are in the vocabulary.
If you know the The Boy, he questions E V E R Y T H I N G.
To make it even more fun, he’s stubborn so he always believes he’s right.

He would come home from school and tell me the kids at school had “Case of C” for lunch. I thought he was telling me the kids were having quesadillas. So for months, I would grill quesadillas for his lunch. He always seemed a bit confused when I’d wrap them up in foil and put them in his lunch. This week, I finally figured out what he meant.
Case of C = KFC

This kid loves to sing. He will listen to the radio and try to copy what they’re saying. He’ll ask me to sing the songs to him so he can understand and repeat the words.
He loves to teach you how to sing songs too. Whether it’s a song on the radio or one that he’s learned in chapel at pre-school, just ask him.
The Boy’s favorite song is the “I wear Captain Ears” song.
Another favorite is “Why you doing sesame?”
I wear Captain Ears = (Taylor Swift) She’s cheer captain, I’m on the bleachers. She wears high heels, I wear sneakers. Put it all together and “I wear Captain Ears”
Why you doing sesame = (Mariah, of course) Why you so obsessed with me.

In his true Benjamin Button fashion, he swears he’s lived in another house (we’ve lived in the same house since I was 5 months pregnant with him).
Lately he’s really been on this kick.
He tells people we’ve moved.
Or he walks around saying he doesn’t like this house, he liked our other house better.

We pass by office buildings and he always asks his Dad about working in that building.
He remembers going there.
Hubby is utterly confused and will tell him that he’s never worked there before.
He jokingly said, “That was your dad in your other life, not me.”
The Boy responds, “NO, it was you!” so matter of fact.

Right after that dispute, we’re on the freeway and The Boy asks his Dad “Who are those people on those signs. The ones that fix them”
Hubby still a bit confused, says “I don’t know Son. I’ve never done that. It wasn’t me.”
“No Daddy, those signs. Look right there.” As he points to the billboards along the freeway.
I could feel the frustration.
So I jumped in with the technical term “Those are billboard people, billboard hangers…” as my voice trails off cause I really have no idea what they’re actually called.
“Yeah Daddy, Mommy got it right”
Apparently we were in the middle of a game show.
I won.

Then he asks, “What’s that thing in the sky there Mom”
Now Hubby’s playing the sleeping game as I drive home.
“That’s a blimp Son.”
“A Limp? Do people ride in it?” he asks.
“Yes, they ride in the bottom part.”
“Is it soft?”
“No, I don’t think so”
“A Limp, a limp, a limp.” He keeps repeating.
“It’s a Bbbblimp”, “starts with a B, Blimp.” I reply, as I’m trying to emphasize the on the correct pronunciation.
To which he quickly corrects me “A Limp, that’s what I said. Why do you keep arguing with me?”


Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh, I can not get enough of the boy! Case of C was hilarious! I can just see his confused face while you sent him to school with quesodillas! lol

WhisperingWriter said...

Ha, kids are cute.

Love the limp story.

Gloria said...

OMG, he's only 4!!! You've got it all to come Missus! Methinks you've got a little genius on your hands, I really do:)

Loved the way you wrote this posting. Knew exactly what you meant and it made me laugh aloud how he sings words to songs that arn't quite correct. I used to do that . . loads. Still do lol!!!

Great post, loved every word!

Makk said...

I had broke in laughter...

Can i know his name (4 years age only...lolzzz)?

Hug him on my behalf...:)

Keep writing,,

Queenie Jeannie said...

LOL! Loved those!!! Thank you for sharing them all!

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