Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A hard learned lesson in picture taking

Ok, so I get back from vacation in Paradise.
Just me and the hubs.
We had such a great time.
Can't wait to look at all the pictures and think back on all of the fun times...

Ummm...well that doesn't look so fun.

But that was after the hike, so I guess that's understandable

Maybe it was just a bad picture.

Maybe I didn't realize he was taking a picture.
Oh really?
Well how about this time.
When you're enjoying your fresh coconut milk? you ask
People you don't even understand my level of excitment over this stuff.
I've been waiting for this fresh coconut milk since I was in 4th grade!
I was litterly jumping up and down in excitement over the fresh coconut.
But this look, is just horrendous!
Oh, how fun, you went to a luau too?!

Yes, we did.
And we had free drink tickets!!
I'm enjoying this awesome Blue Hawaii
My level of enjoyment is written all over my face, wouldn't you say?!

Awww...Look at everyone, all dolled up for Mom's nuptials on the beach.

Apparently, all the other girls in my family know that you're supposed to put on the overly excited smile for pictures. Why didn't I get that memo?

No wonder that girl in 8th grade wanted to kick my ass for giving her dirty looks!

I blame this one on the angle...

What a perfect way to start a Sunday morning.

Sailing the open ocean on a catamaran.

Breakfast and drinks included! whoohoo
Oh, maybe not?!
How about on a bus?

Nope, still haven't quite pefected it... If memory serves me correctly- I actually thought I was smiling in these pictures!!

Getting closer... There it is!

You big goof! (still working on the lesson with Hubby)



MOMSWEB said...

This was too cute and I admire you for posting the pictures you didn't think were so great. You look great regardless. You pretty people irritate me. LOL!

mommaruth said...

You'll get there eventually! And in the meantime, you have some hilarious and heart-warming photos to treasure while you're practicing imperfection!

Makk said...

Nice to see you njoying..:)

Any especial thing ...about the place? or your visit?

Grand Pooba said...

Haha! As long as you remember that you were having fun is all that matters. Sort of, until 30 years later you forget about it and see the pictures and are like "Gah! That must have been a miserable vacay!"

(Oh, and please, try not to throw these pictures away!)

kimberly said...

i'm willing to do a workshop or something for you and the hubs. i've got my work cut out for me though... judging from these pics!! auntie ang and i will set something up for you. we'll have a price list available online shortly.

Gloria said...

With such a pretty face you could be forgiven for not always smiling:)

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