Friday, May 22, 2009

Goodbye Margaritas...Hello Beach Body!!

For the past 4 weeks we have been enjoying

Happy Hour and Karaoke on Friday nights...

and I have to tell you

it totally gets funner and funner with each passing Friday!

We always end up with a different group of friends and family

and Johnny and I drink to different levels of "happiness"

of course one of us has to drive home!!

however I have to say good bye to my new found Friday night friend...

it is for a good reason though

we have vacations planned and #1 - I have to look fabulous

while lounging at the pools in Laughlin...

Doesn't this place look fabulous??!!

I mean c'mon, when I booked she had to tell me that this was a $3 mil pool renovation, and they have a bar and food at the pool!!

We have our giant clan of familes booked and we CANNOT wait!

They even have a beach on the lake (I think that's what she said?)
So we get to take all of our kiddies there and just chilll at the beach and pool all day long!
Too bad hubby does NOT do well in the heat...
we're not quite sure what we're gonna do with him?
Maybe he'll sit inside and gamble...

But don't gamble all the money honey

#2 we need to SAVE some money

cause the beaches of Oahu are calling our name come fall...


Hey, we're just doing our part to stimulate the economy

We were able to book an amazing cheap deal
and will be going with out kids (hence saving more $$)
I've totally got vacation on the brain...
Can't wait!

So goodbye Pineapple Coconut Margaritas
chips and salsa
happy hour taco platter
and even you buttery nipples...
You make my belly fat
my wallet skinny!


Grand Pooba said...

But Pineapple coconut margaritas sound so delicious!! Are you sure you wanna give those up? Mmmmmm!

(You are so lucky, can I come?)

kimberly said...

dang girl... can't believe we're really doing it. we're living up '09 in style!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

So jealous! Sounds like soooo much fun!!!

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