Friday, May 1, 2009

She did it, She did it!!

I find it fascinating the amount of things that can happen in any given evening when you have a party of five! The laughing, yelling, screaming, eating, pouting, not listening, cleaning, laughing again, screaming some more...oh you get it...

A typical night

My over achiever has held an amazing GPA her first year in Jr. High.
Johnny treated her to the camera she's been absolutely "dying" to have for over a year now!She ecstatically screamed, jumped up and down, and hugged him,
now you know- that was some serious excitement!
Great job girl, we're so proud of keep it up!

The Teenaager attempted to make dinner while I was on my way home from work. I told her follow the directions on the pasta, but I should have been very specific. Needless to say, Mom had to make a few adjustments when I got home from work...but good try (she doesn't like taking pictures anymore-what a surprise)

(oh yeah, this was the pouting, laughing, rolling eyes part)

While I was waiting for the pasta to be done, I popped the new Jillian workout tape in the DVD!
(insert panting heavily here)
O M G!!!!!!!
How in the world does anyone do kickboxing??!!
(insert more heavy panting)
Where is the DVD remote??
(catching breathe as the girls laugh at me and tell me just how hilarious I look-
yes, I'm sure the preteen has pictures of me)
Oh there it is, Fast forward, fast forward, aaahhh...the stretches-Play
Every inch of me is sore today! Thanks Jillian
(that of course was the laughing just on the verge of crying part)

Din din time-Emotions...

we had the pasta of course. Since the girls were small we've always eaten around the dinner table together for (well every meal when we're home) as they've gotten older, they really enjoy this part. Whether we're fighting, laughing, talking or not, it's what we do. Sometimes they probably wish it wasn't this way, but I think most of the time, they enjoy it.

fighting, whining, yelling...

Pack the kids in the car, we're going shopping!

I got the front, no I're stupid, uuhhh!!


Oh no, Ethan did you pee???

just a little bit, sorry mom!

Get in the house right now and go to the bathroom and change!

Awwww Man!

(now you know I could go on, but I'll spare you the details)


Jaeya girl came over with Daddy later that evening since Johnny finished the biker boyz DVD.

She was determined to learn how to ride that two wheeler!

After a few tries, here she is-You did it!!

The boy waited in the wings as cousin rode with his helmet close by
Here he is showing off his new shin guards for soccer practice
hmmm...take a guess, what do you think his favorite color is?
And to celebrate her achievements, she decided to now try driving her daddy's truck to get ice cream for her and the boy! They sure look excited don't they!

wheehhh...I'm tired!


kimberly said...

great post!! good job rysa... and ryna, invite me over next time you make dinner. ethan's favortie color... a shade of pink that almost looks like red!! hahaaa

AD said...

ooooooooh cute post

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