Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh the Adventures!

Vamos a la Plaza Olvera We took an adventure on the train down to Olvera Street
and we had a ton of fun,
it was a mini vacation on a Sunday afternoon!
Of course dragging the girls was like pulling teeth...
but I know they secretly enjoyed it!

We first started off with the idea of taking the train somewhere romantic
since this was our anniversary "date"
but really what good would it be without everyone there??!!
So Kim and Kaia joined us on the train
(Kaia made a friend at the train stop...she was a princess!)

and the Salvas met us at the train station...

I know you think that's Pacquiao

but it's just Aaron Boy

We got to shop all the little booths and of course the boy wanted to take everything!

So we rode a train, got lost trying to figure out which way to come out of the station...

ate some ok Mexican food, in the heart of LA, but paid astronimical prices...

took a photo on a "donkey" and Aaron boy had his gun pointed at Ryna's head...

Johnny almost passed out cause he does not do well in the heat...

Watched Aztec performers, little kids performing cause their parents made them,

B boy performers and Kim and I got pulled up to perform with them,

almost missed the train home (the ONLY train home)

Got touseled around in the train while trying to take the boy to the pot!

I had a great time, and wouldn't change anything for the world!

Happy Anniversary Honey, I love you!

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Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary! (and thanks for coming to the wedding; I was happy you were there!!)

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