Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Love letters from Teen 1

And just when you're ready to throw your hands up in the air,
or cover your face with them to hide from the reality of raising a family,
you receive this from your teenager...

Day 18 - The Person you wish you could be

Dear Mom,
I wish I could be like you for many reasons. You inspire me to want to do great things to better myself and my future. You’re the reason why I want to follow ALL my dreams. Because of you, I have such a good head on my shoulders. You’re there for us when we need you to listen. Even the little things that go unnoticed are appreciated. You’re strong willed and nothing stops you from getting what you want. You told us to never sweat the small stuff and because of that I’m a happy person. You shower us with the best kind of love and support. You may kill my little guy every now and then but I know it’s only because you don’t want me to be afraid of rejection. I’m learning it’s just a part of life and I’m not always going to get what I want. You want us to achieve above and beyond and I know we can if we have you in our lives. You care more about others than of yourself. Everyone just wants a little attention from you; you’re the best mom, sister, auntie, daughter, friend, wife, ect. I’m so thankful to have you as MY mother. You’ve guided us in the right direction and watched us make mistakes BUT still continued to help steer us back. When we do make mistakes I know how much it hurts you, but we can only grow from it. You’ve given up so much for us kids and we can’t thank you enough. You put your dreams and goals aside for us so we can have a roof over our head, clothes, and food on our table. Even after a long day at work you still have time to make us dinner and sitting at the table. “Table talks” are the best kind of talks; we get to hear about your day and we get to tell you about what we did that day. Our little rides to the store where we’re not supposed to get anything but we usually come home with something new. YES, WE THINK YOU’RE MADE OUT OF MONEY. There’s never been a time where I didn’t think you couldn’t provide for us. Momma you’re a go-getter. I just want to make you proud. When I grow up and have a family of my own I hope I’m like you, I hope I can give my children all that you give us. I love you and all that you do for us.
Love always your first born

Leaves me speechless with tears in my eyes.
Makes every bit of heartache and headache worth it.

And even though they act like they hate the beast in me
or when I look at them with those eyes that "kill the little guy inside of them"
(he's their metaphor for the one who speaks up when they wanna ask me for something)
and I tell them he needs to grow some balls and learn to speak up and ask for things
they know it's only because I love them.

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